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It has been...three years, one month, and 28 days since my last journal entry.


I know that barely anyone still uses LiveJournal anymore, since everyone has migrated over to Facebook. Everyone. However, I like to think of this journal as something that will stand the test of time, being a more comprehensive picture of my life than the mere snapshots in Facebook...which I...hardly use anyways, actually!

Let's see, to update.... My time at WGN American was amazing, and I made a lot of great contacts over there. Not long after graduation, I went to work for a video production company, but due to reasons I'd rather not share publicly, we had to part ways. I should point out that it was an amicable parting, and we're both on good terms :) From there, this college-graduated guy went to work for a taxi cab company, where I got robbed, and that put an end to that. So I decided to work at Walmart, while training to become an EMT. I became certified, I left Walmart, and...instead I now work at a pharmaceutical company as one of their drivers.

It's a fantastic job, actually :) I sit in a van for hours at a time while on the roads of Indiana, delivering medicine to nursing homes and hospitals that need it. All the company I have is the radio and/or an audiobook. Occasionally, I'm reminded how scary the roads can be, like when somebody pulls out in front of me in the middle of nowhere and nearly causes an accident, but I think this job's worth it. I'm out there helping people! These people need their medicine!

There was another big event that's happened to me, but due to a possible stalker, I'll leave it unsaid.

Anyways, today is Independence Day, 2013. Outside, there have been fireworks being let off all day, and some of these are loud. Some of these explosions echo through the streets, hitting each house with a mild concussive force. I love this country, I do. I think America is a fantastic nation. The politicians flub it up big time, though, but despite all their greed and meddling, I think that the premise of this country is amazing, and I'm blessed to live here. May God indeed bless America. Let's hope that the country gets better and settles into something beneficial for everyone, instead of just the elite.

I don't know who will read this, but I figured I should go and write something. I'll have this journal as long as the LJ servers still exist, so why not update it, y'know? Anyhow, I hope you, whoever you are reading this, are doing well :)

Holy crap

Well, yesterday, I had my last class ever.

...well, "ever" has a bit of finality to it; I should probably say "in all likelihood, ever," since I don't know what the future holds, but essentially, I don't have to go to class anymore. That was my last college class, I'll be graduating with a degree in Broadcasting, and now I'm faced with the real world.

I have lived a very, very blessed life. My dad has taken care of me these past years in exchange for me being at home and helping to take care of my disabled mother. However, I can't stay in the nest forever, and there will come a time I will have to get up and leave. I know a number of normal, average people who have stayed with their parents into their thirties, just because it was a great help to both them and their parents. I know I'm not going to be staying around this region for the rest of my life, but now, faced with the prospect of leaving...crap, where do I start?

I'd like to get into video production, and though I can do essentially anything (including be in front of the camera), I like being a video editor. For now, though, I'm an intern at WGN in Chicago. It's pretty nice :) I LOVE working there. Doing video work all day is freaking awesome. Friday, I put together a giant load of commercials advertising some WWE show. Sure, it was "lowly," but I didn't mind!

When I took the class Advanced Television, my professor encouraged us all to essentially go out to California, out to Hollywood. This does sound nice, but I don't think I could see myself doing that. I don't know where I want to take my life, but I just know I want to be in video production, and I want to make enough money to live and be happy. I'm thankful there are always going to be people who need videos and I can take my craft literally all over the world (and some people do), but change, responsibility, and the future are big scary things, y'know?

For now, I'm just wondering where to get started after my internship at WGN ends. I'm doing freelance (for MEGA cheap, trust me) and continuing to make YouTube videos. This summer, I'll be doing a few I've been wanting to do for awhile and I'm really looking forward to them! I think you'll enjoy them too.

For now, though, I guess I'm just a bit scared. Here's to trying to make a living off video!

Here's my latest video :) I went flat-out silly with it and I loved it. Holy crap, who's that at 1:26?!

Where have the heroes gone?

Our world sucks.

That's about something as certain as death, taxes, and some would say the Cubs winning the Pennant. Our world sucks, and it sucks a lot. If you look at the world with wide, seeing eyes, you'll see the corruption, filth, injustice, and general wrongness of just about everything out there. There is a story of corruption with your bottled water, there are testimonies against the fluoride in your toothpaste, your food will make you fat and obese, nothing is healthy anymore, the air you breathe is going to give you cancer, the clothes you wear were made in sweatshops by overworked and underpaid below-poverty-level workers, addictions are thought of as normal things to have in life, lies are told and spread as truth and the public never questions it, people who claim themselves to be leaders and bastions of good harbor deep-seated corruption, guns are sold legitimately and illicitly to people who will do and know nothing but mindless hate and violence, those guns are put into the hands of children and they are expected to fight a man's war not for an ideal but because they are told, people starve and die from their hunger every four seconds, a very large percentage of the world's population does not have clean water to drink, and even though there are more than enough resources to go around to the entire world, there are greedy and corrupt men who deny the population, signing papers and making deals out of the public's eye, who live lavishly and benefit off their millions upon millions upon millions of dollars they get from their deals, and the world does not know, and it continues to live in the festering stew of its own filth that humanity continues to perpetuate.

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let's rock!

Well then

The rumors of my death have been slightly--okay, maybe I used that line before.

Crud, crud, crud, what's an original way to start out this entry, making sure I have two entries I made for 2009.... Well, I could prattle on about a story involving international espionage, global conspiracies, a genetic secret, a plot that went all the way up to the top beyond the president, and along the way my friends and family became involved, all to a soundtrack done by the New York Symphony Orchestra. Friendships and allegiances were forged and shattered, as we drew closer and closer to the secrets, death-defying and unlikely chase scenes ensued, and in the end, it turned out, entirely unbeknownst to me, I was the villain all along! After a complicated resolution, everyone went home with their views of the world and universe entirely changed for ever, and just before everyone had gone, someone uttered the line, "...or is it?"

Of course, that's a whole lot more interesting than what's really been going on with me. Sure, school's been going nicely, and I'm reeeeaaally, really glad the semester's out and I'm graduating next semester. This semester was a jerk, but that was mostly because of my Communication Law class. Next semester will ideally be easy-peasy, having only two classes (one was optional), but things never do end up working how I'd like.

I've also been interning at the Indiana Welcome Center...or the Lake Country Convention Bureau...or, um, something like that, geez, too many names. The job went well, I made a few videos, both as editor and talent, despite my protests at being said talent, because...well, I'm far from someone who's eloquent, and when your futile attempts at structuring a smooth flow of words is forever captured on camera, you wish someone else could have been standing up there instead. My boss believed in me, though, and everyone there at the Welcome Center enjoyed my work, not to mention the Broadcasting Professor from Hell (a term used with affection, plus she gladly accepts said title, I assure you all), Professor O'Connor, says I have true acting Talent, and thinks I could make a good actor. Here's to hoping some day I'll get the chance to prove her right.

However, something that inspired me to make this post, despite wanting to update you, my friends, on my life, as well as make another journal entry before the new year is out, was to share with you a video that's been in production...geez, for way, far too long. I won't go into the gory details, but essentially, in August, I was given the paid opportunity to travel to New York and Washington D.C. for the purposes of the Air Guitar World Championship, and with a bit of prompting, I finally obliged, and I made a video concerning the whole affair, which you can view...right below. Post-production was fraught with difficulties, such as issues with getting the footage into a usable format, malfunctioning microphones, microphones that just have sucktacular sound quality (some of which unfortunately can still be heard), occasional program crashes, and difficulties with my paid artist...it's done. It's not technically perfect, but thankfully, I think 99% of the video's viewers aren't going to outright shun me for the couple of audio errors.

So, I hope you all enjoy "Air Trip." It's in four pieces, and no matter what your opinion might be of a championship for air guitar (srsly!), to it, this video simply says "yes." Just click the link at the end of each piece to advance. I hope you've all been doing well!


So it's that day, huh?

The rumors of my death have been slightly exaggerated, though they've not been far off the mark. Right from the start of this semester, I've been getting my butt kicked hard. Having Professor O'Connor for two classes (back-to-back days, no less) has been rather unpleasant, though I still do value her tutelage and insight of the Broadcast world. A number of ginormous projects she'd assigned for both classes are now finished, and I'm hoping the semester will ease up on me now (aside from one project, which involves working with some unpleasant, frame-inaccurate video editing equipment). Sleep hasn't been something I've been terribly familiar with for awhile, and while I do try to stay away from their use, I've been having a good number of energy drinks.

Continuing on, though, I do believe it's customary that I make a post on Valentine's Day, so here you are. Years ago, I was rather bitter at the "conditional holiday," but now I've reconciled to rather embrace Valentine's Day as a day for love for all. Romantic love is definitely not the only kind of love out there, and if you're reading this, I can guarantee you that you've definitely got a space in my heart. I hope all of you don't forget to share your love with anybody and everybody you know.

I do believe it's also customary during this day to go link to my Valentines archive! Yes, it's been updated since last year, and I encourage anyone who finds anymore good ones to link me to them :) Take care, everyone, and I hope you've all been doing well!

"Kali ma" means "I love you!" ^_^
and knowing is half the battle!


It's low.

A full decade ago, I was 16 and began driving. Mom had her green mini-van, Dad had his bright blue Durango, I had my deteriorating blue mini-van, and I absolutely l<3ved it. It was the best piece of crap I'd ever had! I had my license for a couple weeks, when the unthinkable happened -- the price of gas jumped! It was $1.40! People were outraged. There were protests and plans for protests. People were even saying they were going to ride their bike instead as a way of boycotting oil. $1.40 for gas?! How appalling....

...okay, well, everyone reading this knows how absolutely laughable that is now. Over the summer, I think at one point I was paying $4.30-something here in Indiana for gas, possibly more. Nobody liked the price of gas, but there wasn't anything anyone could do about it. People actually grew nostalgic about "the times when gas was only $3 a gallon." Well...those times are past us...aren't they. The lowest I've seen gas so far is $1.68, and it just keeps on dropping.

I've heard a lot of different theories about what's happening, and I've found not too many people agree. Granted, some sources are more credible than others (the Wall Street Journal compared to my dad's pessimism), but I think all of them are potentially valid to some degree. I am fully willing to admit that I'm not an economist and there is a lot I don't understand. The most valid theory I've heard (Wall Street Journal) is that of supply-and-demand. Due to a number of contributing factors, the demand for oil is currently surprisingly low, the value of the American dollar has risen, and thus, oil's price has dropped dramatically.

Despite what Americans might think, we are not the only people in the world. Just because a Doublestack from Wendy's will always be 99 cents here doesn't mean it will always be so in other countries, and vice-versa concerning us for other (though less tasty) items. The global market's like that.

I've also heard that, with the stock market crash the other month, people panicked and sold their stocks of oil, wanting to get the best price possible. Dad also fumed to me that the oil company's dropped the price, wanting the American people to think we were doing well, and to then reelect a Republican president, so they can continue to make their billions and billions of dollars. Bush has been accused (possibly rightly so) of being an oil monger and that was the impetus of us going to Iraq (a good majority of Americans at the time thought Iraq had something to do with 9/11), and has allowed the oil companies to go about and do as they please, and artificially inflate the price of oil. This pessimistic and cynical viewpoint permeates throughout the surprisingly poetic Flash game, "Oiligarchy." For those with an hour to kill who enjoy simulation games, try to get to the end.

I suspect the oil companies actually have been making a good profit throughout all this, though. Billions of dollars have been made, and while, yes, a good deal of that goes towards maintaining and furthering its business, a lot has also been stashed away. With all that privately owned money, I'm seriously wondering if it might be going towards something similar to the fictional Philosopher's Legacy.

Wherever the truth lies, at least one thing remains constant -- I don't like oil. Yes, it might fuel the world and propel our cars, and that's what I think is the problem. At the risk of sounding like a hippy, I find the stuff to be a damaging crutch on which our world has become dependent. It's harmful to the environment and there's only a limited amount in the world itself. Efforts have been made in recent years to combat this with the introduction of hybrid and electric cars, as well as additives to fuel to make its exhaust more environmentally friendly. Our world only has so much, though, and I know its reserves won't last forever. It's a pity the human race has a history of living in the "now," rather than trying to tend to more long-term goals. In the meanwhile, fights have broken out concerning ownership and much blood has been spilled all for that oil, black gold, Texas T. Personally, I'd rather avoid any future wars that might erupt, due to the stuff. It's scary, but true -- humanity is also one of the world's limited resources.
I&#39;m Batman!

I can see the light

It's come to my attention that in not long, December will be upon us. Of course, the passing of time and the changing of calendar dates mean a variety of things to people, and December to me means that the semester will be ending.

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For the rest of you that don't feel like reading my entry, here, watch my latest video. Yes, save for John, I had no idea who any of these people were.

Also, quote.
"People are already convinced the apocalypse is upon us. Instead, force world peace. See how nervous that makes people!"
aperture science!


So, ladies and gents, as I had hoped, Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama has won the election and is our "president-elect" (I've noticed people love referring to him as that now). It's a good feeling and I fully admit to being very relieved when I heard he won. As I stated in a previous post, I don't fully trust politics, politicians, or the media, because every one of those is controlled by someone or something else, and who except the people themselves can really separate the facts from the lies? Remember that everything you see and hear in the media comes from someone else first!

So, Obama won. The world celebrated. Even in Japan, they had an interest in the election and the candidates (weird, huh?). I wanted to go to Grant Park to see the fuss, but I was stuck in group work for an assignment...and later, I found out that place was nuts (I merely was in the area of Obama's Highland rally, and traffic was frozen in place!). However, something got me thinking...and of all things, it ended up being a South Park episode.

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Roll that beautiful campaign footage!
soap box!


I suppose I should write something in here. I've not written anything since...geez, July. Well, hello again, internet, it has been awhile. This semester has been completely kicking my butt, but I've been getting through it okay. However, there's something that's been going on. It's something obscure. I dunno, some of you might've heard something about it. Some "election" thing with these two guys.

Well...it's been made plenty and totally clear I don't like politics. I hate politics. HATE politics. I don't keep up-to-date to a lot of the goings-on in the world and don't take an overt interest in politics and promises and such that candidates might make, because I know no one's ever going to be totally right and no one's ever going to be totally evil, because with politics -- and moreso with its factions' supporters -- it's all subjective. However, something that I've never, EVER liked is how ignorance plays such a big part.

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