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Yeah...that's the end.... :(

Well Friday happened. It was pretty uneventful, to tell you the truth. Doc, Ian, Ron, and I all closed.

Yeah, that's Derrek/Doc

There were two other girls that were working, but they took off early after they finished with closing up the dining room...leaving...us to take care of everything else.

Yeah...that's a lot of Frosties.
Yeah...that was the 70 Frosties from that one night....

We ended up getting out of there that night after 3 in the morning...which has only happened two other times I've worked there: the night somebody took off their pants (don't ask!!) and the worst night at work I've ever had thus far in my life.

And this guy had a bet riding on me, apparently....
This be Charles, yo.

I asked Ron if he was having us stay this later just to try to prolong my stay there, but he said "no"...but that doesn't mean I couldn't have suspicions.... *shifty eyes*

Then...that was it. I was out. I got thrown over the counter again that night by Ian. Doc was going to, but when Ron said that he had heard about our antics before and that it didn't shock him at all, it just...well, sort of took the fun out of it. I haven't heard from Tom yet.

This is Tom...and Rhiannon.  Tom is the one with the mustache...if, um...you could see it.
This is a blurred picture of Tom. He's a neat guy. That's also Rhiannon. She knows kickboxing. She'll spear you right off of a table if you cuss at her (she hates that). She's apparently done it before too! Hwaaaaaahhh!!

So that ended my relatively mundane career at Wendy's. I'm now unable to work with food. No, seriously. I just...well, can't do it anymore. I've just gotten burnt-out on it, and also I've been informed that I just am not cut out for fast food in the first place.

That's a pity, though.... I was hoping to make a fighting game from it....

This time it's not Fast Food Fighter 2

But anyways, here's a shot of some more people working there.

Yeah, that's them....

...but anyways, folks, just letting you know, I won't let this webspace get to my head and become one of those websites that just puts pictures of stuff. No, no, trust me...this'll all be put to useful...um...use.

But I've been looking, though. It has been hard, but I'm still searching.

Speaking of which, last night...Saturday...I did something I've only done once before in my life, and was dubbed a heretic for doing it: I went country line-dancing. It...wasn't too bad, actually. Some people found out I was 21 and offered me some alcohol. I tried it. Thought it was nasty. Resigned to my cup of water.

The place was called "D.C.'s Country Junction and Zoo", though the zoo part has been taken down. Everybody...oh my gosh, just about everybody there was dressed up with the cowboy hat, blue jeans, and some sort of t-shirt. I still fit in okay, though I would have felt quite out of place if I had gone with...

I don't even need a title here
Teh gold suit!!!!11

...*cough, but still, I had fun, and generally had a fun time. They also have a grill there where you cook your own food! Yeah! No pre-cooked stuff for the country folks, no way! They give you a raw patty/steak/hot dog...and y'go cook it yourself. I'm glad they didn't go for the whole cowboy effect, and have you go outside and kill it, skin it, and grill it yourself (Outdoors Channel reference goes here).

And today...not a lot happened. I woke up. I went to church. I came back. ...and...Fallon made ravioli! And offered me some! Whooooo!! Y'know, ravioli ain't have bad! ...well, at least the way that Fallon made it. She's a pretty nice cook, in all honesty! I think she offered me some, because I offered to take them to the Super Buffet downtown earlier. I didn't have money for it at the time, but I'd been wanting to check that place out for some time, and I figured it would be nice for us to go out and eat. We've actually only gone out to eat, just us, only twice during my stay here. Once was at El Amigo, a Mexican restaurant downtown that's open quite late (I would sometimes tell people who came through the drive-thru after we were closed to check down there if they were insistent on getting food) and another time we went to Olive Garden...because they felt like having some fancy Italianno (I sound fancy, don't I!!) food. And besides, buffet is my favorite food.

In a survey, it would look like this:
Favorite food: Buffet

So...all those kind folks who read this who live around here...if you want to treat me some time... (eh heh...)

Anyways, I'm done typing. I'm posting this and going to see if the dvd extras turned out okay. ;)

See you folks!
Bye, Wendy's! Thanks for everything!
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