Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Ramblings from 6:30

Hello, Katie. Yes, I'm up at 6 in the morning. And you are correct; this is not fun.

And now back to the general audience. I might have a job. It might be at Toys 'R Us. I shall receive a call to either confirm or dismiss a second interview there. I'm ecstatic. ...I would show more emotion right now, but I just would like some sleep. ...but anyways, yeah...job. And if not there, Speedway down the street from my parents'. And if not there, Tippecanoe Beverages. And if not there, doing online begging from readers of my livejournal.

...wait, no, that was in jest. I'd appreciate money from you folks all the time.

I've been thinking about picking up drawing again. I drew a stick figure with pilot goggles the other day, and thought to myself "that doesn't look half-bad." I know that sounds lame, but it gives me something to do...another canvas with which to work, so to speak (creative!). Maybe I should just concentrate more on writing instead. Or maybe I'm just interested in drawing to do fanart of my own works. ...that sounds so dumb. In fact this entire paragraph sounds bad. Or maybe I'm just being cynical in the mornings....

If I ever used that little mood thing that I'm supposed to put in here, I think I might put "moody"...but honestly, I don't like those. I post stuff here for you people to read for a purpose, regardless of my mood. ...but now I'm asking myself what "purpose" this entry served....

Egads I'm writing into a rut! Quick, I've gotta think of something to counteract that! Umm...uh, ahh...

I don't have much coherent thought at the moment, please do excuse me....
That's Mr. T and he has kittens!

Phew...crisis averted. ...ah, in closing this incoherent journal entry, I'd like to say that drunk folks are quite receptive to Bon Jovi karaoked. And also, though I've never admitted it, I do drive a chibi car.


...okay, last straw, I'm in search of caffeine and/or sleep.
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