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It's a mad world....

Well I'm posting in here instead of on the forums. Before I begin, I'd like to clarify that this morning when I posted, I was not on drugs. Little sleep is something that can affect people drastically in the mind.

Now continuing, I was just posting in these forums a few moments ago an intelligent and lengthy response about "would you eat a thousand apples"...because I was bored (and it sounded fun to do). Suddenly, after three extended paragraphs, finishing up my thoughts, I'm suddenly bombarded with pop-ups, my computer fritzes out, the internet browser goes back a page, and suddenly that five minutes of pure typing was whooosh, suddenly gone.

I'm a bit miffed right now...but with due cause. I'd like to see my hard work not turned into naught, to tell you the truth. But what makes it even worse are these blasted pop-up ads that infect my computer. My computer is literally sick with these things.

They affect how it operates, they affect my use of it. Just at the end of that last sentence, without me doing anything except typing here, I suddenly had one pop up onto the screen, and I don't even know what it was--I just clicked the "X" and got it out.

I'm sick and tired of these things. Too long they have bothered me, and yes, people, I have a pop-up ad blocker on my computer. In fact, I actually have two. Yes, I do have a spy/adware scanner and sweeper on here. Yes, I've scanned my computer for viruses. And no, I have not attempted to do an exorcism on my computer, though that might be one of the last options I have left. My computer is just sick and infected with these stupid pop-up ads. After this time of dealing with these things, I've found myself mentally yelling "die!!" every time one comes up onto there. When you're trying to deal with a friend who isn't doing too well, the last thing you want is your old computer fritzing out, locking up for a few moments, then suddenly a barrage of two or three windows pop up, almost simultaneously, telling you about the "world's biggest casino" or wanting to enlarge one's male organ.

The only solution I have left is what my roommates have been saying for the past couple months: I need to format. I don't want to, but it's the only choice I have right now. ...but there are some files here on the computer that first need to be spared this complete wipe. I have mp3's which are quite dear to me, I have plenty and plenty of memorable pictures and comics and other graphics saved on here, and though I do have some webspace, it is not nearly enough to salvage them all.

My only solution lies in a friend's computer. I imagine that I've posted before about this (*pop*), but this is just beginning to get ridiculous. ...actually, I take that back--it's gone beyond ridiculous. It is now infuriating and very well hindering and nigh disastrous to my activities on here. How could I possibly operate efficiently on here if my computer won't let me?

(*pop pop*)I'm really starting to get sick of seeing that doctor's face with that enlarging pop-up ad....

Today was a slow day. And I do mean that. I didn't receive the call from Toys 'R Us. I called them and talked to the hiring manager, and she told me that she forgot that she had interviews scheduled for Friday as well, so she is going to get a hold of me tomorrow. It would be nice (*pop*) to have a job. But the thing is that I would still like that job at Family Christian Bookstore. They are looking for people at the moment, and I have plenty of previous experience with Christian retail, so I would be a shoo-in...at least that's what I would like to think. (*pop pop pop*) I wanted to get a hold of somebody over there yesterday (*pop pop pop*), but was held back, then today I wanted to, but unfortunately forgot about it...tomorrow, though, I'm definitely going to inquire of those folks.

Anyways, tonight I stayed with my mom until she went to bed. We had dinner while her helper and paid attendant, Patty, came at 6:00. We then watched Survivor at 7 (yes, folks, it is still going on...), then after that she wanted to watch "Analyze This", which Patty had rented. By then it was nearing 10, so she went and crashed for the night. That was about the time I took my leave.

When I was going, though, a show came on...well, I mean, actually, it was ending. And during the last minute, I think, they were playing a song my friend and Livejournal compatriot, Andrea, asked me to download for her once, called "Mad World". It's personally not my cup of tea, but I like the mellow tune to it, and some of the lyrics are sort of neat...but I'm digressing. Just hearing the music to it just sort of made the (*pop*) overall atmosphere of the night somewhat somber for me. I've found I've been having those sorts of nights quite frequently, as of late....

Anyways, jumping a bit back in time, I got to hang out with Fallon a bit today--cut up into pieces, to tell you the truth. We hung out in the living room this morning about 5 and talked for awhile, as well as played Dynasty Warriors 3 ("Doesn't Nu Wa kind of remind you of Michael Jackson...?"). Then later after I woke up, we talked a little bit more (*pop pop*), and I found myself regretting that I wasn't around more to do that. During my stay here, neither Ryan or Fallon and I were able to sit down and just talk on a regular basis. If ever, it was always during a chance meeting where our schedules just happened to coincide as they did. I slept later than they, Ryan was at work, I was out a lot...we honestly never got to see much of each other.

Contrary to the negative opinions some might have garnered from bits and pieces of previous posts, Fallon is actually a very, very likeable person. Today talking to her, I just said to myself that she is just somebody who likes to laugh much and laugh often. I like those sorts; great for the soul.

Anyways, has anybody else out there reading this ever thought to audition for Survivor? I think I'm going to go to cbs.com after I finish this post and check that out--it seems like it would definitely be a worthy experience to go and try out. I don't even worry about the money they want to give away! I'd just like to try it! :)

Anyways, in closing, I think I would like to say...oh yeah, Fallon is helping me with my computer. She's letting me backup my important files on her computer, and we're going to wipe the slate completely clean on mine. Take that, pop-up ads!! Mikey's Computer shall hate (*pop pop pop*) no longer!

Thank God for help. :)
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