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(...because everybody wants their life to be a music video--two days in less than four minutes)
The dj flipped through his book and looked up. The room was empty, save for some blue neon lights that barely illuminated the four walls, dimly lit underneath his chin by a desklamp over the sizeable book of cd's. He brought up his microphone as soon as the classic rock song playing over the large speakers had finally ended. "Okay, next up, Mikey's going to come up here and sing a song for us."

I got up from my plastic chair with metal legs and made my way over to the imprompt stage. The room was mostly empty, except for some folding tables that were along the walls, sparsely populated...maybe seven total were in the room.

I nodded to him as I picked up the microphone lying near the system switches, giving a nod and a "how are ya" to the cowboy hat-clad disc jockey. I flipped the switch on the side to "on" and stood in front of the old tv on the stand. I was pretty surprised how old it was...like some early 80's tv with a dingy and fuzzy reception and knobs on the side. The music started playing....

How can you see into my eyes...like open doors?
Leading you down into my core...where I've become so nu~mb....

I'm at my parents' place, talking to Mom. I have some dinner, consisting of a couple pieces of chicken and a biscuit.

Without a soul...

I stand up from my seat and give her a kiss before I leave.

...my spirit sleeping somewhere cold...

I arrive at Inman's and check my pockets. I currently am out of cash. Somebody else is up on the machine, and I quietly watch.

...until you find it there...and lead...it...back...

The guy next to me gives me a dollar and I go up there with him. Money in. I push the green button.


The music starts playing and the lights thump along to the music. Era.

(Wake me up!) Wake me up inside!

My feet follow the arrows as they hit the top of the screen; the arrowed panels on the floor lighting blue or red as they're pressured down.

(I can't wake up!) Wake me up inside!

My arms slowly made motions in the air as my feet rhymically hit the panels. Tahn, tahn, tahn-tahn-tahn-tahn, tahn.

(Save me!) Call my name and save me from the dark.

I give a smile as I turn around hitting the last arrow as the song ends. The guy next to me says something, and hits the button again. Groove.

Bid my blood to run (I can't wake up!)...

The song is slower and easier. My feet hit the arrows as they go. A slight hesitation or inconsistence in rhythm knocks my combo down to zero again. I grit my teeth and press on.

...before I come undone.

The song ends. Can't Stop Falling In Love, Speed Mix. The arrows fly by, right-down-left-down-right-down-left-down-right-up-left-up-right-up-left.... I keep up. I won't let myself lose.

(Save me!) Save me from...

My stamina is running out. My abs are burning. That chicken's hating me right now. My legs don't want to move like I want them to; they've lost their will to move.

...the nothing I've become.

"Gaaaame over!" I slump over the electrical tape-wrapped bar, breathing heavily, with sweat accumulating on my skin. My saliva's lost all oxygen and has become a thick gel, difficult to swallow. I don't want to move.... The guy next to me offers a drink from his styrofoam cup.

Now that I know what I'm without...you can't just leave me...

I get to the apartment, greeting Ryan as I enter. I find the goggles I ordered from ebay had arrived. I switch on my computer and get online and get on the forums. I putz around on there for a little bit.

...brea~the into me, and make me real.

A girl by the name of SilverKat (hi!) and I form a plan of her taking over the world. Jello, tribbles, and Mountain Dew, oh my. Friends are made, I grow more adjusted to the forums, and somehow, during that time...

Bring me...to life.

...I fall asleep.

(Wake me up!) Wake me up inside!

I'm sleeping.

(I can't wake up!) Wake me up inside!

I somehow end up on the floor.

(Save me!) Call my name and save me from the dark.

It's past dawn.

(Wake me up!) Bid my blood to run...

It's past noon.

...before I come undone.

It's going on three.

(Save me!) Save me from the nothing I've become.
Bri~ng me~ to li~fe....

Outside, Fallon is leaving for work.

(I've been living a lie! There's nothing inside!)

I slowly open my eyes, completely unaware of where I am or what's going on.

Bri~ng me~ to li~fe....

I sit up barely, still wearing the clothes I had on the day before.

Fro~zen inside without your touch...without you~r love...darling...

I sit there disappointed, as outside the afternoon is wearing on. My computer was mistakenly left on the previous night, so I pull myself into my chair and see what's going on. I make a phone call.

...only you are the life among the dea~d....

I get up and grab a shiny article of clothing.

All this time, I can't believe I couldn't see.

My legs go through the pleats.

Kept in the dark...

My arms go through the sleaves, and I shrug my shoulders.

...but you were there in front of me!

I walk out, nodding to Ryan as I do. He gives me an odd look and we briefly talk.

I've been sleeping a thousand years, it seems; got to open my eyes to everything.

I drive to my parents' place, and the door opens. I'm standing there garbed in my gold suit. Dad is back from his mini-vacation visiting out at Lake Tahoe with the relatives and relaxing.

Without a thought...

I have dinner.

...without a voice...

He shows me he brought me some stuff back...and airline peanuts!!!!!!!

...without a soul, don't let me die here.

I finish up, talk a little bit, grab some leftovers. I head back out to the road. I end up at Inman's.

Bri~ng me~ to li~fe!

I walk in, straight over to the machine. It's vacated, despite the Saturday night. Money's in, I push the button.

(Wake me up!) Wake me up inside!

Kakumei. I jump along with the song as it plays, hitting the arrows as they go. I'm on a roll.

(I can't wake up!) Wake me up inside!

People stop by as they walk past, a bit curious of the gold suited guy playing that dancing game. B4U.

(Save me!) Call my name, and save me from the dark.

It's easy. Some college kids stop and take a couple of pictures of me. The song ends, and one shakes my hand, while I give a thumbs-up and large smile to the camera as it flashes. Crazy kids....

(Wake me up!) Bid my blood to run...

I scroll through the list. I find it. Can't Stop Falling In Love...the original.

...before I come undone....

The green button is pushed.

(Save me!) Save me from the nothing I've become!
Bri~ng me~ to li~fe....

I have to start somewhere; it isn't easy to pass 9-footers like that.

I've been living a lie! There's nothing inside!

I find the song too easy...but...it does give me a workout. The final arrows go by, I hit them. I pass it.

Bri~ng me~ to li~fe...!

I give a quick non-cheesy pose as I pass it. I defeated the former...I will beat the next level of that song...time to leave.

The music stopped and I switched off the microphone, placing it by the switches where it had been before. The disc jockey spoke up again. "All right, let's make some noise for Mikey!"

I smiled and walked back over to where my water was on the table, as the sparse people in the room gave polite applause. Behind me the disc jockey started playing some other music.... Bars, even at Inman's, could be pretty boring; I didn't want to stay. I finished my cup of water, and walked out the door.

"Bring Me to Live"
Directed by Mikey

Chibis of apartment 2....
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