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Randomized sappy thoughts

At my feet with her paws underneath her chin snuggling my foot is Mia trying to get to sleep right now. F.Y.I.

Anyways, I'm posting again, and yes, I'm feeling better. My throat doesn't feel so bad, and despite the late start, I think that today was a nice day. Mom actually called me up and invited me over for dinner, instead of me showing up and having something. I felt a bit awkward when I left, though, because Fallon just left for work and Ryan just got back--it was kind of like a complete apartment tenant switch.

I got $380 for bills today, which is less, because we received in the mail the other day our $240 deposit (I paid half) from the water company. And...that is the last I'll have to pay rent or bills again, besides the internet I'll have at my parents' house. I think it's somewhat strange that I'm taking this whole moving out thing so casually. By Wednesday, I should be back at my parents' place living with them again and not living over here anymore. In fact, I wonder if I'll visit Ryan and Fallon much now that I'll be gone. I mean, I'll see them online constantly (just about), and learning from my time here I saw they don't usually leave too much, whether because of something else going on or because there's apparently an invisible rule that states all that stay underneath this roof for an allotted period of time are to live with little money. But still, it's just odd that I'm going to be leaving...and I'm living here basically like I have been for the past few months: just normally.

That reminds me, I really, really need to take care of my laundry now.

At the behest of Livejournal reader Josh (you will go to his site now!!) I went on a vitamin C splurge today, and found myself accidentally finishing off almost two bottles of orange juice. But y'know...I am feeling better! I declare today "National Orange Juice Day", and you will have O.J. Rar.

Before Fallon left for work, she asked if I needed anything from the store, and all I asked for was orange juice. She comes back at 10:30 loaded with two containers of orange stuff, throat lozengers, soup, crackers...dang! All I wanted was orange juice! Well the thought is muchly appreciated, and I can definitely use the stuff; I'll definitely be paying her back tomorrow.

Oh yeah! Y'know, I made a plan to myself that the day I left, I'd be giving them both a hug. Because I never did. Yeah.

In other news, Mo loves attention, and is begging it from me. I wonder if he's going to miss me while I'm gone.

Egads this post has turned sappy! What the heck?! I'd say something to hopefully counteract that, but I have nothing! My life is uneventful! ...well, tonight I did go turn in some job applications at Walmart, Town & Country, and Wiseway...but that's basically all the events of the day. Tomorrow morning I hope to stop by two places for job interviews (open walk-ins then). That's...really all I think I have to say right now.

...well, that and I've grown addicted to forums. I'll make a post later about them. I think I'm finished trying to think up stuff to write.

(ack I'm covered in cats!!)
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