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Okay, Mikey returns

Well...some folks thought I was dead, others thought I was just avoiding them. No, folks, in fact, I've been back at my parents' house. Yes, I've finally moved back to here, and I'm quite happily staying...well, here (did you know they have breakfast here?!?!?!/111).

On the Wednesday I moved, I got a few people who volunteered to help me out. We got the big stuff piled into the back of my dad's mini-van, but then somehow we came to the conclusion to stop by Inman's first. We did so, played Dance Dance Revolution, fun times, and that was that. But then somebody needed to go home. Another person needed to go back to wait for his girlfriend to return. And another had to be back by 9 that night. And...then I was alone.

I returned to my parents' house exhausted, dragging myself in, not even bothering trying to get my drawers out of there. That's about when I realized I hadn't had anything to eat that day...probably'd explain the exhaustion...blargh....

Next day Brian got a hold of me. He'd broken up with my next-door neighbor Kristy, was currently unemployed for various reasons, and offered to help me move the rest of my stuff from the apartment. w00t. Things were moved, my gimungous mattress had since been relocated to the basement, I defeated the crockpot monster in an epic battle, and even got proof.

...ayyyyye, this looks so bad...! Rar. ...geez that looks so bad!!

Afterwards we shook hands, and both went our seperate ways. I think he's down in Tijuana, Mexico, merrily terrorizing the countryside. Anyways, later I got everything back to the house, then everything was hunky dory.

And...since then, not much has happened. During my first night staying at the house, the sickness I'd been battling finally caught up to me, and I was knocked out cold for a few days. But since then, I've recovered, but I've still got a lingering cold that refuses to leave me alone, even now.

And a quick tip for everybody: don't take Nyquil if you want to sleep. ...well, actually, do take it, but only if you want to go to bed at 1:30 in the morning, then find yourself waking up at 4 in the afternoon. =\

Less than a week ago, my dad lost it and went off the deep end, but everybody tells me to stop making a big deal out of it.

...wouldn't you make a big deal out of it if your dad a month ago said that he didn't have too much money, then you wake up and walk to the living room to find a 53" digital high-definition widescreen tv?! Then he orders high-definition digital cable, orders cable internet, something else, and also offers to buy me a Playstation 2?! Now I know that this can be pretty cool, but can you honestly blame me for being weirded out here?!

Anyways, great friend and next-door neighbor Kristy moved out a couple days ago. She's going to live with her sister in Kansas City. For the past week leading up to that day, she and I had been hanging out a lot. We even went out karaokeing, which was actually a big surprise to me, and we had a bunch of fun. Our rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" turned out to be something of a spectacle, and I'm kinda glad the bar was mostly empty when we went up there ('twas fun, though!).

So she finally left, and unfortunately I didn't get to see her off. It was in the morning, and I unfortunately slept in, seeing that somehow since I've moved back, I have yet to have a restful night of sleep. I wanted to say "bye", I wanted to give her a hug, and I wanted to do something special for her. I was going to go out on a limb...and sing for her. "Your Song" by Elton John. I mean, I won't see her for a long, long time; I thought it'd be nice for her. But...unfortunately none of that happened. Mom told her bye for me, and then silently she was off. *sigh.

Anyways, Dad and I are about to head out on a long bike ride on a newly built trail, so I'll talk to you folks later.

Blackness. Nothing. Void. No consciousness, no thoughts, nothing. The universe was literally nothing. But suddenly a spark of something appeared. Consciousness, sentience, self-awareness. Thought processes began occurring, self-awareness was achieved. It blinked, suddenly finding itself existing.

"Hello!" a voice spoke.

"Hello," it responded a bit shyly.

"I'm Mikey, your owner. Your name is Mikey's Other Comp. You and I are going to be great friends, all right?"

"What do I do?" it asked, curiosity tugging at its words.

"Oh, you'll do wondrous things. You'll go through the internet at the speed of light, you'll play games that mimic real life, you'll enable people to talk over instantly, though they are thousands of miles away, you'll hear music from so many different artists. You'll help people when they're in need, allowing myself to talk to those who are hurting. You'll make compilations of music onto CD's, letting people enjoy music to brighten their day wherever they go. You'll play movies, and can see more into it than most people can. And you'll hold people's memories, stored in writing, pictures, and sound, for many, many years to come."

"I can really do all that, huh?"

"Yup. Right now, you're one of the best. You're a Gateway, but I won't hold that against you."


"Nevermind. Soon some people are going to hook you up to the internet with one of the fastest mediums available. In not too long, you'll also be working with Mikey's Comp."

"Who's that?"

"He's much older than you, but he can still hold his own. He's also a Gateway, but he's been modified since I first got it. He's got a lot of things he needs to share with you, and then you'll be your best."

"Sounds fun. So...Mikey. What would you like to do right now? I'm here to do anything you need, apparently."

At that, there was silence. Mikey sat there, a piece of computing hardware that was just about at the pinnacle of its competition. The computer didn't hate, nor would it ever. Mikey was surprised at how much of a step up it was from his old computer, and how fast it handled everything. He could do just about anything he invisioned or imagined. Great power and great responsibility.

Mikey smiled and tapped a couple keys. "Let's play Minesweeper."

"All right!!"
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