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Today...was fulfilling! ...for a change

Today was a pretty standard day. I did some chores around the house, Dad and I went for a bike ride. I took some pictures, and was thinking about posting them, but I'll forego expending any effort right now. It was really pretty out there today, let me tell ya. Along the bike trail we took, the leaves were all becoming red and yellow and whatever between, and the leaves literally made a carpet on the pavement like crispy gold. I might be sounding kinda narrative and poetic there, but man was it pretty there! Really, really great scenery!

Dad also gave me another shock as of late. My dad is a 53 year-old man, has lived a quiet life. He served in the marines during Vietnam. He works at a steel mill not far from here, enjoys hiking, running, biking, soft jazz and easy-listening music.... He's even gearing up for retirement in a few years.

A few days ago while driving, he tells me he wants to hear a certain song. He flips through his cd book, and goes to put it into the player when I stop him, asking him what in the world he's doing with that. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: the soundtrack.

"I'm holding onto it for a friend at work; she doesn't have a cd player." That's understandable. So, track 27, dum de dum.... I was gonna clean my room / but I was high....

Egads what's going on?! Now my dad liked to watch the Man Show, my friends think he's neat to hang around, is really different than most folks about his age, and even got me a subscription to Playboy for my thirteenth birthday (...though I only saw one issue out of that subscription; what happened to the others?!). But pulling out the soundtrack to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, listening to "I Got High", then going back and listening to the whole thing, then wanting to go and rent the movie (he just did tonight)...ack! My dad's just been weirding me out a whole bunch lately!

*sigh, anyways, that outta the way, today I've made a couple pleasant discoveries. Earlier I was watching on the 53-inch digital high-definition (that always has to be fully spelled out and in italics) a movie channel we got with the new cable package. For those of you who haven't ever watched "Romancing the Stone", that actually is a very enjoyable movie! It's funny and has action and is just...well, fun.

I also learned I need to get out more. When Dad and I went out for that bike ride, he was ahead of me pretty much the whole time. I almost ran out of breath trying to catch up with him. I...am really...out of shape. No wonder I'm doing so horribly in Dance Dance Revolution! But Mikey shall exercise! Hopefully! ...and, um...this won't turn out to be one of those "I'll do it!! ...but later, not now, not now, I'm busy" -things. Someday...someday I'll be able to pass that 9-footer song...then onto the big 10-footers, like the Maxes. And you portion of readers still don't know what I'm talking about, right? Just go here to learn about everything you ever wanted to know about ddr. Yeah!

Anyways, later on, I also found another movie, one that is just...amazing. Way back when in the days of fifth grade, a display was set up at the Portage library that showed an extreme rarity back then: anime. I remember seeing a book there with a picture of a boy and a girl who looked like she was lying down, but was floating high up in the air. It was called "Laputa". That was the first anime picture I'd ever seen, and that image has just stayed with me all this time.

Tonight...I've finally found it once more. Acclaimed director Hayao Miyazaki (the dude who did "Princess Mononoke") has recently just had his old films released here in America, the Studio Ghibli productions being released by Disney (hush, you). Made originally way back in 1986, I was four when it was released in Japan. "Castle In the Sky" is what this old, old movie is called here in America...and it...is just breathtaking. Let no one tell you about it. Heck, don't even read the back of the box! Just...go. Go now. Rent it and watch it. Just experiencing the movie's something that'll definitely stay with you for awhile.

And the animation! Egads, you should see this! Not only is it animated well; the extra effort that was expounded on each scene shows through to those who care to pay attention. This's all back before they did all that stuff with computers; I'm talking two hours, frame-by-frame, all hand-drawn. And you'll see very few recycled pictures used at all here. Geez, the movie's just...nnggggh, yes!!

Also, I found tonight another friend. She hasn't found her way here to my journal yet, but I'm sure she eventually will. So...I'll just announce the eventual readership of my forum friend SilverKat (add a "=^..^= " to the name, if you want). I mentioned her briefly in an old post, but tonight we got to just sit...and talk. I love discovering folks like this. She shared so many different interests I do, and by total coincidence (actually it really probably isn't) she's a born-again Christian too! And she makes anime music videos! Bahahaha! You will visit her site now!

Anyways, today, today...I've been quite satisfied with today. I need to have more fulfilling days like this! And I was reminded also I need to sit down and actually write stories more, instead of just torturing you, my readers, with more experimental posts. Anyways, with that, I'll leave you folks. Take care!
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