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Mikey D Studios continued

Well I've decided to try breaking into the music video business. I've got some anime DVD's over here, a song, and an idea. Inspired by newfound friend Kat and at the discovery at how non-difficult this could be if you know what you're doing, I've decided to give it a shot. If anybody knows the song "Unusually Unusual" by Lonestar (yes, they're country...) and who Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tevrusky, IV is, then you've got an idea of what I'm making. XD

But this is going to be put on a week-long hiatus, because tomorrow Dad and I are departing for Seattle. We're going to see my relatives, and he's got tickets to see a Bears game up there. I might be able to get online while up there, so I'll see if possibly I could fill you on whatever details might occur.

I'm hoping to also take some pictures while up there. No guarantees, though.... Oh yeah! I still need to talk to Ryan and Fallon about the camera I'd accidentally left there in the living room.. Dad was hoping to take it with us up to there.

In other news, I was actually told by my parents that I needed to get out more. It's kinda sad when you get told that by your parents. I've been trying hard to break out of the shell/rut of behavior I had donned at the apartment. Waking up early, doing chores, not staying up too late--to most folks reading this, that doesn't sound bad, but for an entire year I've been...well, not doing that. It's hard to break out of a routine that long, y'know?

I think this is considered my finally giving my "farewell", as in that's it, I'm seperated from the apartment. I just need to get a steamclean vacuum like Fallon requested (sigh...), give her the five dollars for groceries she kindly picked up for me whilst I was sick, then I'll have no more attachments to the apartment (...save for...uh...the debt they are still in debt to me...*cough....) And as for the picture, those are just our forum avatars where we post at (I'm on the couch, where I normally was at the apartment), and was paid with "forum money", but still, that's considered paying somebody, isn't it? BiccyDash, hey, thank you. You rock the forums. :D

Anyways, I suppose that should be it for tonight. Brian's coming over tomorrow; maybe he can get to see "Castle in the Sky"...it goes back Saturday anyways. Oh yeah! Speaking of which, I downloaded "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind"--Miyizaki's first film. And...well, honestly, I thought it was pretty bad. I'm sure it was nice for its time, but...oh yeah, the movie? Agh. The awkward-sounding subtitles didn't help out my opinion there either. Oh, uh, squirrel-foxes're cute, though....

Eye of the hurricane, listen to yourself churn, world serves its own needs, dummy serve your own needs. Feed it off an aux speak, grunt, no, the ladder starts to clatter with the fear fight down height. Wire in a fire representing seven games. A government for hire and a combat site. ...and some other stuff I don't feel like posting. Yay! I feel fine!
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