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Well...I've arrived in Seattle. Or actually Tenino, to be more specific. To those who watch obscure Animal Planet episodes, you might recall hearing about this town during one show where they talked about "Wolf Haven" near here.

...ah...anyways, it's been pretty slow around here. I was pretty happy to find out that they had a computer and modem here; otherwise, you folks probably wouldn't hear from me for a week or so (...you know you'd miss me...come on, stop lying!!).

The plane ride here was unremarkable, other than the fact I was bored out of my skull. Stuck in-between my dad and a sleeping stranger, I had some headphones to listen to the...oh, seven songs the plane's station was playing in a loop (they were mostly just in different intervals on the different stations). I brought my John Grisham book along which Grandma had bought for me, but after a hundred pages or so, I grew somewhat disinterested (did anybody out there ever read "The King of Torts"?). Everybody was asleep, there was no tv, I had a brief but sudden (egads, sudden) recurrence of my cold, there was nothing to do for around two or so hours--I was tempted to ask the stewardess if I could order a mallet to the head, to knock me out until we got there.

We got there okay, Uncle Phil picked us up. Really great guy; he and Dad talked most of the way back. Apparently he's bought a PT Cruiser--Dad was happy. But so far, things have just been slow around here. Everybody around here is sleeping. Aunt Carrell is in the living room sleeping with baby Tyler. Dad is upstairs sleeping. So is Mike, my counsin-in-law. And...all I've got is this 56k internet. I think I might take a walk soon.

Anyways, ah, I just thought I'd let ya know what's going on. This post is sponsored by Boredom (tm).
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