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Tenino, night 1

Well, today was pretty uneventful. I don't have much else to do, so I'm going to write to you folks instead. Today was largely uneventful, as I'm sure you inferenced from earlier's entry. After I got done typing that out and taking a "know your DDR" quiz (thanks Todd and Jeff! :) ), Dad woke up, and we went for a walk.

Beautiful downtown Tenino. This is a small town, really is. Most of the shops were closed when we were walking down the street, but walking (walking) from one end to the other took around ten minutes, possibly less if you weren't sight-seeing. We walked into a chocolates and candy shop called "Aunt Kate's", I think. The lady there was talkative, friendly, outgoing, personal--she talked about her store, why she stayed open later, how she'd been there for a year, gave us a free sample of ginger-somethings, talked about how she just made them during one season of the year.... What it came down to was that she was running her shop because it was hers and it was for people, not business; and this, folks, is a mark of a small, tightly knit town.

When I finally get on my own...I'd like to live in a town like this....

...and as long as it isn't Wheeler (Wheeler was the town after which my high school was named; it's a small town too, but it's honestly barely a subdivision...and I don't like living in the past besides....)

Hey, does anybody else drink green tea? Anybody ever try milk in there? I...think it sort of waters down the taste....

Well, tonight, Dad suggested we go see a movie. There wasn't much to do around here, so I thought "okay". To tell you the truth, though I've heard plenty raving about "Kill Bill", I wasn't much interested in seeing that...but when I saw the selection of movies available, that didn't seem like a bad choice...but Dad had other plans. After a look through the paper, a look at the internet performed by my cousin, it was decided "Mystic River" would be the decision for the night.

...well heck, I sure wasn't going to see "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"; that's the only movie I've seen reviewed thus far in my life that honestly scored "zero stars".

"River" scored three-and-a-half stars...which isn't a bad rating. But honestly, it wasn't the sort of movie in which I was interested to see. Dad paid more than $20 to get himself, Uncle Phil, and I in. He then asked me if I wanted a drink, and I half-heartedly said I didn't want to get a mortage put down on the house. On the way in, I heard plenty of teenagers in front and in back of us while we were leaving ordering tickets to go see "Massacre". ...those poor, poor souls....

"Mystic River"...is depressing...beyond human...flippin'...comprehension. The movie is a plain huge tragedy. The movie starts out with showing three kids, who are supposed to be Kevin Bacon, Tim Robbins, and Sean Penn. They're playing hockey, being typical kids...and these are the happy sorts of kids. They're the having fun, carefree, I'm-with-friends sorts of guys. But then, some stuff happens, they're accused of vandalizing some still-wet concrete when they write their names, and the Tim Robbins kid gets taken away by the accusers. He's scared to death.

And in the next minute, he's sexually abused, locked in a cellar for four days, then eventually escapes. So, kids, never get in a car with strangers. Mikey and McGruff say so.

So later in life, Sean Penn's daughter gets murdered. That same night, Robbins ran into a child molester he finds...well, molesting...in a car. He pulls him out, punches him, gets cut with a knife, yells at the kid to run out of there, and then beats the molester to death.

"Wolves..." he said. "He was a wolf...." Just letting you know, after that, his past with those molesters during his childhood keep haunting him, and his sanity slowly starts to drain away from him. He's not right in the head...he becomes like one of those people you know, who there isn't something right upstairs...like a dll file is corrupted somewhat, but the system can still sort of run...and they take part in society just the same.

Kevin Bacon is a policeman, who goes to solve the case. This brings all three of them back together again, in an odd drama, revealing different shades of lies, untold love, rebellion, hidden history, and loyalties that stood strong and also that were tested.... But! To save you sitting through all that, I'll tell you who killed Sean Penn's daughter. It was his daughter's boyfriend's brother, who accidentally ran into her while she was driving, he had a gun, and he tried to stop her from telling. ...either that, or it was that he discovered that she was planning on eloping with his brother that night, they were going to go to Las Vegas, and start their lives away from their families...or, ah, something to that effect.

Anyways, Kevin Bacon busts into their apartment, saves the guilty brother from shooting his other brother, and everything is hunky dory, the day is saved, and all's well in the world, right?


Mea~nwhile, across town, Sean Penn and some tough guys that hang around with him, during the movie, try to find out the murderer of his daughter themselves. A mounting pile of evidence starts accumulating against Tim Robbins, his wife says she even thinks he did it (she's thought he's lost it by this point in the movie), and Penn...well, Sean Penn wants revenge.

Robbins is walking down the street. Hum-de-dum-doo...then a car pulls up next to him. It's Penn's toughs. "Hey! Why not come with us, have a 'guys' night out' during the middle of the day, eh?" Robbins needs a serious break by this time of the movie, having been taken in by the cops, his car allegedly stolen, his wife leaving him, slowly losing his mind, the ordeal with the child molester, Penn's daughter dying...and he still is hugely (quite hugely) traumatized from the experience he had when he was abducted as a child.

He ends up with the toughs taking him to a bar, getting him drunk, staying till it gets pretty dark outside...the bar is empty, except for them and the tender...then Penn shows up. Anybody who can't see what's happening is likely blind. Eventually Robbins has to throw up, so they say, "Hey, go out the back door and do it by the river; they don't like that stuff getting all over the toilet bowl."

He's down by the river...yarfing...when Penn and his toughs show up. It starts out slowly, Penn asking him what's going on, if he did it, etc. Robbins's mind isn't working well, his thoughts becoming jumbled, talking about the child molester he found, the details starting to become conflicting. To Penn, it sounds like he's lying. He takes out his knife, and tells him if he just admits what he did, then he'll turn him in to the police, but at least he'll give him his life. Finally, Robbins decide to go along, and says "yeah". He said it was because he had a dream.... When he saw her at the bar that night (...uh, he saw her at a bar briefly the night she was murdered), he said he saw youth in her...and that he never got to have one. Penn says okay...okay.... Robbins gets up.


Then stab, stab. Robbins is lying on the ground, bleeding, dying. Penn gets a gun. Boom.

Later on, Bacon talks to Penn, tells him they got his daughter's killers, no doubts about it. Penn inadvertently, subtly tells him that he killed Robbins. Bacon covers it up, doesn't fully acknowledge it. Then later on, Penn is talking to his wife. She talks to him, and says the strong were meant to rule the weak, basically saying he did the right thing, because he could do whatever he wants.

And Robbins did everything he could in his life to make things right. Then he gets killed. *sigh...this is the sort of topic that is brought up many times by people that confront me online about God. And every time I tell them that it isn't God's fault that life is so messed up life like this--we all messed up things ourselves.

Anyways, we got out, the three of us agreeing it was a sad movie, then drove back. Tomorrow Dad and Uncle Phil are going to the Seahawks/Bears game tomorrow. And me...I'll likely be staying around here. My cousin Marie said that she wants to take me out, possibly go pick up some tea from a vendor. And just letting you people know, everywhere in Washington, there are coffee vendors and shops. Seattle happens to be the hometown of Starbucks, so the caffeinated bean business just trickles into all areas around here.

Anyways, tomorrow is church. There's a Baptist church down the road about five minutes of a walk away. I plan on wearing my most casual, everyday clothes that I brought with me, just to see how they'll treat me. I want to know if these people really follow God or not. If they decide to judge a young adult wearing jeans and a t-shirt with the Sega Dreamcast logo emblazoned across the chest, well, we'll know. Otherwise, I think they should be okay.

Anyways, it's about 2:00 in the morning right now, so I think I'll end this entry. Folks, you're likely going to be hearing more from me during this week, because I don't think I'll have much else to do around here. Well...to counteract the depressing movie that depressed the night, I'll end with a fun, simple, 'n clean joke. (...simple and clean is the way that I feel...dum da da, dee-da)

A man and his wife were eating dinner when the wife asked him the infamous question, "Dear, what would you do if I died?"

"Well, I'd be upset!" he answered.

"Would you remarry?"

"I don't think that I would."

"But don't you like being married?"

"Well, yes, of course!"

"So why wouldn't you?" (don't you hate it when girls try pulling this junk...?! =\ )

"...well...uh...I suppose I would then."

"You would?"


After a long pause, she spoke up again. "Would you sleep with her in our bed?"

"...um, I guess."

"Would you take down pictures of me and replace them with ones of her?"

"I guess that I would."

"Would you let her wear my old clothes?"

"...well, if she wanted."

At this the wife became extremely upset, jumping up, quite angry. "Oh yeah?! And I bet that you would let her use my golfclubs too!!"

"Of course not dear!" the husband responded. "She's left-handed!"

'Nite, folks. ;)
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