Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Tenino, night 2

Well, today was considerably more productive than yesterday. I got a rude awakening this morning, when just about anybody in the living room decided to pay their morning respects to me. They didn't consider the fact I'm a few hours off from their normal schedule. Dangit. >_<

Anyways, like I wrote yesterday, I wore my old fave Dreamcast t-shirt to church, and the people there treated me like family. It was great! There was a missionary from New Zealand (Sam lives there!!) who came to talk about his outings there. He talked about the population, the suicide rate there (rough stuff... :\ ), how receptive they were to the Gospel, and some other topics about the country. From the homemade video he showed, it honestly does seem like a nice place! Sam, you really do live in Middle Earth, y'know that?

Anyways, afterwards I had a lemon bar somebody made (they're awesome!!), had some coffee (caffeine!), and headed back.

I stopped at Aunt Kate's Chocolate Shop, and accidentally ended up talking to the lady for about an hour or so. Like I said before: small town feel. I remembered my wallet this time, so I bought Dad some chocolate stuff he'd like, got a small gift bag which I gave to Aunt Carrell, and had some majorly discounted candy which she was selling. Fun times! Aunt Kate is definitely somebody I plan on visiting more often (...and unfortunately, "Aunt Kate" is honestly the only thing I know to call her.... o_O )

Once I got back, Aunt Carrell made me sit down and have some breakfast right now!! ...I...wasn't hungry when I woke up, so I just went without, but that didn't mean she didn't remember...! Almost immediately after that, I went with her, my cousin Sarah, and baby Tyler to...well, to do errands. They stopped by some chain around here called "ShopKo" and bought tons (can you feel the italicization?) of Oreos. They informed me in Germany, there weren't any Oreos, so they had to send them instead...for a girl they knew over there.

Later we stopped at Starbucks. Whoo! A "grande caramel chai tea, made normally" cost about three bucks. Sarah treated me. Whoo hoo! We ate at an Italian restaurant, being soon joined by Sarah's sister Marie and her boyfriend, Stan (family friend of theirs), and dead tortured baby cow--I mean, veal. Somebody had veal with their noodle-things. The food was great. Whoo hoo hoo! The price was through the roof. Wh--oh, wait, crud.

During my outing in Olympia (that's where we were), I came to an unsettling conclusion: central Washington is the capital of the world for hip trendsters. That's right, I said it! And it's true! There's...yuppy types around here. Everywhere. For crying out loud, Seattle, headquarters of Starbucks, isn't a far cry off! The Starbucks we stopped at was the epitome of the stereotypical infamous coffee shop chain, except the folks behind the counter were nice and even sympathetic to my innocence of java. ("What's a 'latte' exactly?!") Even the folks with sweaters and laptops were there...well, at least one. And the folks I saw roaming the streets, they wore the hip trendster style of clothing...and Starbucks cups were everywhere. Everywhere. (I am not repeating myself!)

We got back. Dad and Uncle Phil returned from the Bears/Seahawks game. And, apparently, for those of you who hadn't seen it...it was actually a great game! I myself am not an avid, raging sports fan, but I can get into the game if others are doing it too. Uncle Phil also apparently won a t-shirt somehow and gave it to me. I'm now a...*shuffle shuffle shuffle* member of the "Olympia Seahawks Fan Club". God bless white t-shirts. :D

Anyways, day ended. Talked to folks online. Talked to a friend o' mine whose boyfriend...actually lives in the town we're going to be visiting tomorrow called "Everett". Dad, Uncle Phil, and I are going to the Boeing (whoo airplane) production plant there. And, if they have a guestbook, I'm hoping to sign it and leave a brief five-word message for the guy. "[Boyfriend's name], [Friend] sends her love!!" It's not everyday a situation like this occurs; you have to take the chance while it's there!

Anyways, I need to wake up in about seven hours, so I plan on sleeping in not too long. Folks, I hope to talk to you later. See you, and God bless!

(...and Markley, I'll have those pictures up for you tomorrow no problem, all right? :) )
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