Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Tenino, night 3: I'm wet :(

This carrot cake is rich!!!!!!1

Well, tonight's been my third day staying here at the center of Washingon, Tenino, the capital of Washington (what's "Olympia"?). Today...started out early. Quite early--for me, at least. I was woken up at 8 in the morning (Pacific Standard), and told to just get out to the car, and if I still wanted to sleep, I could. I'd gotten about eight hours of sleep about that time, but somehow, I was still groggy, and against my expectations, I eventually faded into unconsciousness in the backseat.

Some hours later, I woke up in Everrett, Washington, at the Boeing Production Plant. It's...a big building. It's actually the Guiness Book of World Record's largest building, by volume. It's a third-mile by...um...9/10 a mile? Aye, I should've paid more attention at the tour....

Anyways, this place was cool. And it was big (huge). Contrary to some folks ideas, this isn't an assembly line plant--each plane takes about seven to nine months to complete, slowly and slowly being worked upon 24/7.

Afterwards we stopped at Pizza Hut. Whee!

...and met one of the scariest waitresses ever. I'm serious. She seemed okay at first, a bit apathetic when we first entered, but it started when Dad got his ice tea. She plopped down a 3-4 full glass, and said, "Drink slowly and make it last--we don't have anymore." And said it apparently quite authoritatively. She...apparently didn't feel like making anymore. Don't...bother...her.

Later Dad asked what would've happened if both him and Uncle Phil would've ordered: would they have gotten two glasses, both filled about half-way, or would they just have gotten two straws? Her response was they would've played paper-rock-scissors, if they tied, then I would've gotten the iced tea, whether I wanted it or not, and they could have my Mountain Dew. Later she got upset at me for asking for a small pizza box. Then later Dad asked for a fork, and she went off, looking to Uncle Phil and I and asking in a wild-eye manner if we wanted any fork. We...respectfully declined. o_O;;;

Afterwards we were off to Seattle! In rain! Because it rains in the northwest!! Specifically Seattle! Home of 59 different coffee shops! We took an underground tour, touring underneath the sidewalks through Seattle's less-than-respectable history (no, no Indian genocides were involved, don't worry, friends). And of course...the tour ended at the gift shop! I think it's a federal mandate that all tours and rides must end in their respective gift shops.

Anyways, we also learned that Starbucks was originally named after a tattooed man from a Moby Dick movie, who (just in the movie) always "needed his coffee". I wanted to check out the original shop (it's still there) and Elliot's Bookstore, a great bookstore, and also had an underground cafe which was actually the model for "Frasier's" coffee shop...but unfortunately my companions wanted to leave right then and there--they had a van to pick up.

We drove against the hard rain, which apparently just appeared overnight. I fell asleep in the backseat...again...and eventually ended up there. Came back, though we could barely even see at times, and now here I am. That might seem like a short day, but around here, things are not next to Tenino--everything is about just an hour from here.

Anyways, I also heard on the news not too long ago that today was actually a record for rainfall for Seattle, being 4 inches instead of some 3.7. And...hopefully this will clear up soon. It's odd: yesterday was bright and sunny, even warm, with some clouds here and there, but it was great! Sarah, Tyler, and I walked around in the Olympia Capital park, and things were bright and green! But...but now...egads, it's likely going to be doing this for a long while now....

Anyways, I'm going back to irc.
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