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This is Shaun and Markley's fault. Yar! ;)

Okay, so I took slightly longer than I expected. I apologize. :\

These were taken during that one odd night a month or so ago, when I stood out with Shaun and Markley, waiting for those wrestling t ickets. This was the first run of the camera, so these aren't the best quality, and about half the pictures were lost, due to the fact the camera doesn't have quality light reception. Anyways...here you folks go.


Markley's looking someplace; Shaun's...doing stuff.

That's just some lady that was there early too, and we helped her out a little by holding her spot....and I know that pic makes me look terrible.... >_<

Whoooo hoo!!

This's after they got the tickets.  Yay center.

Whoever this punk is in the gold suit, he has some issues.... :\

~ fin ~

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