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Tenino, night 5: Canada!

Well...today we went up to Canada.

It started at about 8 this morning, where Dad metaphorically dragged me off the couch, since I had a late night with the internet, and then after a brief stop at International House of Pancakes (Mikey hearts Ihop!), for the next few hours I comfortably slept.

Nearing 2:00, we reached the border, answered a few very simple questions ("Are you carrying a gun?" "...no...." "Okay, have fun in Canada!"), and proceeded in. And, to the credit of Canadians and Canada-lovers everywhere, I have to remark that I can't even tell the difference of Maple-leafers and Stars-and-Stripers--ers. I remember somebody once saying, "Oh yeah, being a Canadian is just like being an American, except we don't carry guns."

While up there, I kept thinking about the different Canadian media sources I've seen. I thought about "Avalon High" and "Alice", as well as whatever tv shows I'd seen. Even still, I just wasn't comfortable being up there.

To tell you to go, the traffic lights might just stay green, or they might blink green. Traffic signs were written in km/h, but that wasn't much a problem (...I wasn't drivin', anyways...). Canadian money is allegedly $1.25 for our one American dollar, and that's a pain having to sit there, wondering if you have enough money to pay for whatever. There's too much hockey there. Too much. If you have only American bills on you, you're going to have a terrible time trying to park (they only take coins...).

Canada, though, in all honesty, is a very nice place. I...just don't really want to live there; I'll be happy staying here in my happy, comfortable country (*hugs his America!!1*).

Oh yeah, our first stop in Vancouver was Chinatown. It's the country's third largest, with San Francisco and New York superceding it. Dad had a really horrible experience trying to get parked at a few places, acting a bit irrational, but I forgive him. We ate at some restaurant, where I ordered a plate of some special chicken with cashews in the mix, as well as a hot cup of almond milk. Dad--a cheeseburger and fries. Blargh. >_<

After that we briefly stopped by "Gastown", then up to Mount Grouse. We paid a steep (dangit!) fee to get up to the top, where we breathed in fresh, mountain air. Oh man, I can't tell you what it was like up there.... The view was superb, while the clouds weren't in the way. If you ever visit over there...just, ah, hike up to 3,000 feet (or whatever "meters", you metric people...) instead of paying the fee. And when you're up there, take your camera. Really.

Afterwards, we started the long car ride back. It took some four hours to get back here to Tenino. And...we arrived back a little after 11. After this long day, I'm honestly not tired. I...well, slept too much. :\

Anyways, tomorrow we leave. Sad.... I'll have to make sure I get around town once more before we go, and also be sure to take a lot of pictures for Mom. See you folks later! :)
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