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Tenino, night 6: bittersweet.....

Well, today marks the last day that we'll see the sunshine here in Tenino, Washington for awhile. In not too long, Dad and I will be driven to the Seattle airport, where we'll take the eleven o'clock flight back to Chicago, where it should arrive at about five o'clock in the morning, central standard time.

Today was fun. It started with me being woken up by two men with power tools operating on the bathroom connected to the living room--where I was sleeping. Whoo.

After waking up, and actually getting to pet police dog-failure Keno (who has mostly abhorred me this entire time here), and then Dad and I headed out to Tacoma. Dad treated me to a dinner at Hooters, where I had a steak sandwich that was freakin' tough; it was like it was composed of total fat! Geez! (...oh, uh...that was Dad's idea to go to Hooters, not mine!! Don't give me that look, you population of female readers!! o_O ).

Dad and I then proceeded to Tacoma Mall, a nice enclosed place that had just about everything commercial America could ever need. What surprised me is that there was actually a pure "anime store" in there, though it mostly just sold mainstream anime paraphernalia, as well as ecchi-ish Evangelion posters (daggumit!). Sadly, there wasn't anything with Radical Edward on it. :(

Dad and I shared a cinnabon, I had some chocolate milk, and also I got to do something I'd been wanting to do for a little bit: play DDR!!!!1 Unfortunately, I first played with an Asian guy, so of course I got completely shown up. You do know that it's a rule that if you play anybody Asian in that game, no matter how old they are or even they had ever played it in their entire life, they will school you, and make you go crying home to mama. ...or at least just beat you really bad.

Dad and I also stopped at Suncoast, where he got me a Tenchi Muyo manga (whoooo hoooo!), plus he did that "so you want anything? Tell me if you want anything. There any dvd's you've been wanting? Are you sure?" ...soooo~ I quietly requested he get me the "Castle in the Sky" dvd. Mikey's happy. I'm making all you people that live around here watch it. ;)

Anyways, on the way out, Dad got a phone call. It was from Patty, Mom's caretaker. The phone call...really was a point of change in my life. It turns out that Mom is going to have to go through steroid infusion, since the therapy she's been undergoing almost the past year hasn't yielded too noticeable results. This is going to be a trying time for my family. She's going to be in danger of osteoporosis, as well as also suffering the other side effect of overweight.

Also, to add insult to injury, our dog Teena died. Patty let her out the other night, and when she went to get her back in, she didn't respond. It turned out she was attacked by another dog or raccoon, they aren't sure, and her neck was torn. Mom is taking it very hard, and I'm sure that it's finally going to hit us when we get back.

I really loved that dog.... Teena was our small dog, of the three that we have. She was always hyper, and almost had like a sense to her to know when somebody needed attention or love. She was a rat terrier, tan, and was officially "Dad's dog". She looked a lot like Ariel, one of our two labs, and people sometimes thought that she was her puppy or something.

I'll write more later, but right now I have to leave. I'll write more later, probably tomorrow after I recuperated from the flight in. I feel like this is the end of a chapter in my life, and the other is about to begin. I've enjoyed this vacation very much, and when I get back, life and the various responsibilities to which I need to attend are finally going to kick back in. Anyways, I'll bid you few faithful readers farewell, and I'll see you on the other side.

God bless! :)

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