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Loss of innocence

Well we returned quietly later that morning, out here to Portage, Indiana in northwest Indiana. Dad went to bed, while I, the "nightowl" stayed up a bit. Mom just woke up, so I helped her a bit, and she cried some while talking to me about Teena.

Apparently, as it turns out, her neck was somehow broken. The other two dogs were outside when it happened. All three were let out during breakfast. Mom and Patty didn't hear anything, but they did note Lucky next-door barking a lot more than usual. Patty went to let the dogs in, Teena didn't come, then she found her dead in the yard. Some folks came over to check out what happened, but couldn't find any trace of any animal, and we know for a fact it wasn't Sidney or Ariel. A few folks theorized that it could have been a raccoon that got in, since it's trash day and they allegedly have a habit of doing that, and Teena, her normal snooping self, put her business where it wasn't welcome. ...but, like we said, we don't know for sure quite what happened....

This is the first time I've ever had a pet of mine killed. All the others have grown old, gotten sick, developed a condition, what have you, but none have ever been found suddenly killed. Sidney and Ariel seem lonelier, not having their little sister around.... It just seems that there is now an empty space in this house, where once a source of energy and affection abounded.

I've mostly gotten over Teena's sudden passing away, but I'm sure it's going to take time to heal this heart's wound. I haven't done much since I've been home. I've mostly talked to folks on the internet, tried workin' on the music video a bit, helped Mom, and...well, that was it.

Earlier I was raking leaves, when Kristy's parents came out, about to leave. They said they were sorry about Teena, then they ilnformed me of another death. It happened about 2 in the morning last night. A 14 year-old girl was out on the street down on Airport Road, and was hit by a car. I don't think that I knew her, they didn't say her name, but it's odd suddenly being exposed to death locally like this. Death isn't something I deal with on a normal, personal basis, and I'm sure there aren't many folks out there who do or would honestly want to. But...now, one of our own family members is dead. A daughter, cherished and beloved by her parents and those who knew her, is dead. I remember when we first moved to this house, the icecream lady who normally would go through out street--she died in a bad wreck only a week or so from our arrival.

This...just has sort of been making me think about mortality, lately. None of us are going to live forever. Death can and will strike at any time at anybody; it isn't picky. We're all susceptible. After death, there's eternity, and that in itself can be a scary thing. I'm just thankful that Jesus's saved me. But one doesn't ever know when they' or somebody they know, or ever know of, will pass away. That's why I try to let everyone I meet and know know that I care about them, and always try to leave them happier than how they were at the start of our encounter. Everybody deserves a chance at happiness, right? There isn't enough human compassion in the world.

Anyways, I think I'm finished putting down my thoughts for the moment. I'm going to get going to Katy's place for a dinner "shindig" she's having...I've gotta get myself ready and dress accordingly. Thanks for reading, folks, and I'll see you later.
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