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Gonna go back in time....

Well, today started out like most other days. I woke up from being passed out in my computer...sitting...thing...by Mom, who had just gotten back from church. I don't know quite when I passed out or quite what I was doing at the time, but when I woke up it was 1 in the afternoon, and my computer screen saver of the reflective " =) " was whirling around the screen.

The previous night, I had received a call from Dillon. Something's happened at Northwood. Church split. But that isn't quite a bad thing; here's what happened:

Dillon is hardcore with the Bible. He's willing to get into the dirt for it, willing to go the distance and be everything the Bible says we should be that the world believes that we shouldn't. He wanted us to go out to the streets to help people. He wanted us to be there for people, like God wants us to be. He had such big dreams for Northwood, dreams that could be revolutionary. He envisioned drug recovery programs, places for people who just got out of jail or had drug- or whatever-related problems to stay. He even told us to be willing to open our houses to anyone who would need it.

But there were folks within Northwood who didn't like this.

So Dillon moved on.

And we followed him.

Now he's operating at the Boys & Girls Club here in Portage on Sundays, and Wednesday night Bible studies would be held at different folks' houses each week. Sounds like a plan. Church service now starts later on Sundays (yes!!), at 1:00 now, but earlier when I went to leave...I find a flat tire. Crud.

After fixing the tire, going to "church", I gave Dillon a sweater I picked up for him in Washington, and came back. Dog doo picking up, talked to Mom some, then...I did something I really haven't done in a long time. I talked to a friend and invited him over. My pal Brian is over right now, passed out on the couch in the living room. He wanted to crash here for the night, but he usually did whenever he came over.

We rented "Matrix Reloaded", and...though I'll likely get stoned, immolated, and have an angry mob with pitchforks and torches after me, I thought the movie was actually pretty neat. I wasn't really impressed by special effects and flashy fight scenes, but I did like the story element to it. Now I'm laying down that that's my opinion, so please...don't bash me. :(

Oh yeah, I burned Brian a cd on the spur of spontaneity. Foreign rap. French, Japanese, Polish, German, Russian--oh yeah. Be afraid. But! I would just like to quickly recommend to the file-sharers out there to be on the lookout for music by an Asian group called "MP4". They have some cool music. Yup!

And I would like to officially declare today--or...yesterday, whatever--time-traveling day. We went back an hour. Now go make McFly references, and as many 80's movie quotes as you can. And I'll finish.
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