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Posting live from....

Well right now it's 3:43 as I'm starting to write this, and in a usual irc hangout on irc.nightstar.net, I'm listening to some folks currently discussing women...relationships...and being single. Ian J. is there, as well as some other noteable folks some might or might not recognize, depending on who you are. It's an interesting mix. It almost feels like a support group...or even that old stereotypical "lunch table" that I had back in high school. A black web cartoonist, a drawing ddr freak, a European guy whose nicest words I've heard are "you're less suckier than everybody else here", a sex-crazed "Lord of the Rings" knock-off...and some other people. And then there's me. I don't quite know how to describe myself, but I guess people normally refer to me as "that born-again Christian person". Or Mikey. If you knew me, "Mikey" would be plenty of a description.

Anyways, somebody (not Ian J., f.y.i.) was talking about how he's in love with somebody, or at least has developed a huge crush on her, but the problem that exists is that she has a girlfriend. "You are on the way to destruction. You have no chance to survive make your time." (obscure, but infamous internet quote)

And a half-hour or so later, the discussion switches to video games.

But anyways, tonight I went to work, but when I did, I felt pretty bad. I felt bad because I wasted the whole day. I woke up at about 2, and from then...I just lounged on my computer. Basically nothing got done. Nothing. I didn't even eat. So I went in at about 7 to work, feeling down because I realized that my day went for naught, feeling emptied because I had no food in me, and also not in the best mood because of a mix of those and a certain coworker was getting upset with and blaming me for things that were completely not my nor anybody's fault.

After purchasing a double stack, though, things started feeling somewhat better. The night finished without hardly a hitch...besides the fact that everybody who was leaving the fair decided to go to our place, making us basically packed there for about two hours after the dining room closed. Whee, drive-thru....

Which reminds me: the fair ends tomorrow. I remember that last year I made a big post about the fair. I hope to do something like that this year too...but probably not as in-depth as before. I hope to make my posts shorter for brevity and constance's sake.

I don't have a lot to say about today other than it was wasted, basically. Ryan and Fallon went to go see "Pirates of the Caribean". I don't know which show they went to see...but I didn't get to go with them. I saw Fallon when I got back from work. I wanted to go out to go talk to her after I got back to my room to change out of my wet and stinky work uniform, but then I saw somebody I hadn't talked to personally for some time, so we sat contedly chatting for a bit. It was actually pretty nice.... I'm hoping tomorrow to talk to Fallon and ask her about the movie. I've only heard nice things about it so far.

I like it when Fallon and I get to talk. When we do, I find her like I did before I came. I get to see that personality of hers and the spark of intelligence she has. In other words: she's cool like that.

Well, during this time of being online, a girl from Mexico has messaged me. She said that she doesn't speak English too well, but other than a misnomer or two here and there, I wasn't able to tell at all! She seems pretty cool. She's "tentaclesaurus". Whoooo! lol Yeah, I know the name is weird, but she's really friendly and outgoing. Some people (the "newb" and the peeved European) were fighting in the chatroom, so she messaged me saying "Hello. Care to chat with a Mexican girl?" Well of course the obvious thing for me to reply is "...are...you a porn ad?"

What? Hey! Don't look at me that way!

She downplays her artistic ability, and if you want to see what she means when she says "I don't think I'm an artist", check these two out.

This post really wasn't about updating you about my life or anything...I guess it turned out to be more or less me rambling as the hours went on about what was going on. You know I normally have more meaningful things to say than this, but right now...eh. Maybe today/tomorrow will be better (it's 5:58 right now. I got a lot of sleep yesterday and I had some Mountain Dew Livewire not long ago, so I'm still goin' ;) ). I would like to go to the fair, since today is the last day. Also, I want to take Ryan and Fallon to a place in Portage called "Sophie's Kitchen". On Saturday afternoons, they have "family karaoke", i.e., karaoke without the bar. A~nd you people know I'm a karaoke superstar!

Quick note: "Karaoke Superstar" is the name of a Superchick album. That band is cool! Check them out next time you get a chance, okay?

Anyways, I know a few songs there that usually the crowd enjoys. I'll fill you folks in later with that. Right now, I'm thinking to get headed out...maybe grab a donut. A donut at Chuck's Bakery. Because Chuck's Bakery is the best donut place I've seen around here, hands down. Yes, I'm serious. If you're in Valparaiso, go there. This journal is unofficially sponsored by Chuck's Bakery...even, um...if they don't know it. That place just has rrrrgh some of the best freaking donuts I've ever had in my entire life!! ...honestly!

But anyways, enough of that. I'll post this rambling post and be done. At least you people (both of you, Erin and Lynod ;) ) can be somewhat updated on what's going on in my life. Ahh, I hope to tell more people about this journal as it gets more entries.... Maybe I could even "join a clique" here, gets "fans", and such, like a certain reader who's reading this who has a journal of her own (bahahaha, she's clueless! Erin doesn't know I'm talking about her!! ingenious!!). Anyways, as I'm typing this, the sun is now starting to rise. It's golden rays from a blinding orb are piercing the still, quiet morning air, awakening the sparrows and other flighted birds, arousing them to wake the world easily with their song. The distant eastern sky is now a light, paled yellow, surrounded by a pale blue dotted and streaked with clouds lofted upon the horizon. The world is still quiet and lifeless, save for those few who walk the streets in their workout clothes or with their dogs--a calm before the rest of the populace awakens, a calm for them to prepare themselves for the coming day.

And it is now, during this calm that I write the final words of this journal entry. I don't know what the day is to bring, for who does except God? I do know, though, that the day is full of potential which begs to be achieved and/or realized...and that is exactly what I plan to do. For time is a valuable thing. Do not watch it fly by as the pendulum swings, but rather grasp it, pin it down, and use it efficiently to what it is you plan to do. Don't take your time for granted and light-heartedly, for each day is a gift from God.
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