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Somber night

Thank you, Todd! I can take it from here. *cracks his head into the wall*
It was done. Finished. The treasure I had so long seeked was now in my grasp, and there was only one thing to do: share it with others.

...but everybody said they didn't want it. Drnit!!

Yes, folks, the music video is complete. We now have "Unusually Unusual" by Lonestar done to the series Cowboy Bebop, and I am sharing so please somebody download this from me because I have to get this out (...and no, my Mom telling me the video was "adorable" isn't enough for me! yarr! I use html tags!!).

...*cough, now that I have that rant out of the way, I suppose I'll explain the past few days. Halloween wasn't anything big. Kids came and took our candy after an hour, then we were out. Not even leftovers. As of late, Mom has been somewhat harder to deal with, but I'm trying to hold my tongue. Lately she's just been bored having to be stuck in the house, and only take care of what chores she can, as well as watch many, many hours of television by herself with almost no company, save the pets and myself, if I'm home.

...oh yeah. No. I didn't trick-or-treat or dress up for Halloween. There's my Halloween entry.

Oh yeah! Teh job! Folks, this was weird how I got this. That entry some time ago where I mentioned that Bryan crashed over here for the night, the next day we went out looking for jobs. During our aimless drive in Portage, I asked him to stop at a gas station up ahead, but with his foreign rap (...ph33r...) blasting at a few thousand decibels, he barely understood me. He stopped at a Blockbuster Video instead, attached to a Papa Murphy's.

I shrugged, and figured it was as nice a place as any; Blockbuster doesn't seem like too bad of a choice. But while walking to Blockbuster and passing in front of Papa Murphy's...I paused, stopping, and looking inside. For those of you not familiar with the Papa Murphy's chain, it's a pizza place that doesn't cook your pizza--they just make the pizza in front of you, then you take it home yourself and cook it. It didn't sound all that bad to me...so I went in there instead, and filled out an application, giving a thumbs-up to Bryan who was waiting in his car, jamming to...I think it was Spanish hip-hop/rap.

...later that day I get a call. They want an interview. Next day, interview goes well. Dude says he wants a second interview. Second interview isn't an interview--it's basically the guy saying, "Hey, I'm leaving this place tomorrow. You can have the job of coming in in the mornings and doing the prep work. Here's the hours we'll start you on, here's the pay rate we'd be giving, and this isn't Wendy's. You have a nice day, okay?"

...so Mikey has job by chance and how events happened to unfold. Well, folks...this is going to be an interesting time, I can tell you that much. The kitchen there reminded me so much of Schlotzky's Deli that it wasn't even funny. From the dough mixer to the sinks down to the washer/dryer combo they had in the corner, the place screamed Schlotzky's...except for one thing: the kitchen is white. The kitchen is bright white. The kitchen is very bright and white. It takes guts to have a bright white kitchen, people....

Anyways, tonight was my first day of work, and things went okay. I...don't know if I'll be quick enough to keep this job, because that's the reason I lost my job at Schlotzky's Deli in the first place...but I suppose all I can do is pray and work my hardest, y'know?

Tonight has been a somber night, besides the work thing. ...actually, work was somber too. I've dealt with my mom tonight, as well as talked to some folks on the internet who weren't feeling the best. One friend since high school's been kinda down lately, so for those of you who do, pray for her situation to get better, all right?

Anyways, I'll be ending this entry shortly, but first I'm doing a shameless plug. Mikey D Studios is once again open. I'm already working on a second video...though this one is far less serious. Maybe I'll get to shows these at a con...maybe win a contest...eh, blargh. Anyways, in case David Price ever gets the link to my journal, I'd just like to say "thank you for leaving these DVD's with me while you're in the navy! You indeed do rock."

Anyways, message me for download, and I'll send. Yarr!! NeoMikey, music video editor extraordinaire!

...'cept not really; I'm just mediocre. ;)
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