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Well, things wsnt okay today. Last night I crashed at Nick's place, but being that I slept in too much, I actually didn't sleep, except all of a minute or two. I departed from his place in the morning, went to work, and got out at about 2. They decided to have me watch videos today...of which, while watching, I was bored to wanting to fall asleep (couldn't, though; they've got cameras on ya in the break area). I'm honestly hoping to do well at this job. It seems very appealing to me. It turns out I'll actually need to make the pizzas for people, as well as take care of a lot of other stuff, plus I'll be by myself in the mornings a lot of the time. This normally would disturb me, and I'd be hesitant about taking up such duties and responsibilities, but right now, I can't.

After work I came back and got about ten minutes or so of sleep. I got to talk to Jessica a little bit. Though she was the only girlfriend I've ever had, and even though our relationship was actually anything but, I still enjoy talking to her from time to time. I honestly think that we probably should talk more often; she's always fun to talk to.

I stopped by Shaun's place earlier to go talk to him and give him back a CD he gave me (...which I also shamelessly put my video on; yay filesharing!! ...um...anybody else out there want to help out...?), but nobody was home. Does anybody think it odd to have the screen door hold onto the CD until one arrives home?

Anyways, at the moment, I'm in desperate need of sleep, so I'm going to crash...and thankfully, it's in my bed. I'd advise against anybody driving while having forgone a night of sleep, then watched three hours of mind-numbingly boring orientation videos. :\
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