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This has no title today!!!!1

"Mike! Get up!! Now!!" Well so much for sleeping until dinner....

The past few days have been interesting, for lack of a better cliche. I think I'll start with yesterday. I didn't sleep much the previous night, and was woken up by Patty in my room.

"Mike, the alarm's been going off for twenty minutes already!! This is your final warning, and I'm serious!!" She obviously didn't know I had been dead asleep for the past twenty minutes, nor that I wasn't ignoring her or anything, plus I had quite little sleep. I finally pulled myself out of bed, got my work clothes, and headed out.

Work was quite mundane. I worked with dough. w00t. Two hours later I returned, just in time for a call from Nick.

"Where are you?!"
"...I...just got back."
"I'm here at Papa Murphy's! I was wanting a pizza!"
"Yeah, I...got off from work not long ago."
"What're you doing tonight?"
"...actually I'm off."
"Let's see Matrix!!"

...'kay? I still plan on going with my pal Steph and a few others to go see it on Sunday. I suppose I'll just be treated to it twice this week. Whoo hoo!! :D Anyways, mere minutes later, he stopped by, and after watching a Transformers episode made into a music video and explaining that Ed from Cowboy Bebop is actually a girl, we talked to Mom, then headed out. ...dang Nick's got games at his house...!

At seven we headed out in a Jeff Gordon type fashion, and doing that on the freeway in a pick-up trucking dodging in and out of traffic is quite a scary thing. And the movie...was...interesting. For those of you who've seen it, and honestly haven't a clue what happened at the end, just read on.

Neo was jacked into the source of the matrix. If you would remember from the previous movies, when a program loses its purpose, it has the choice to either stay in there and remain an exile (whoo exile!) or return to the source and be deleted. When Neo was assimilated by Smith, he then got into contact with the source, and therefore it deleted him...thus causing him to lose his grip on the matrix, I suppose.

...but as for how Neo was sitting there and seeing machines and causing them to explode and whatever...you've got me. I don't see much logical reasoning behind that at all. :\

I saw Manny while we were up there. For those of you who don't know, he's the guy who married my cousin Michelle. He's pretty cool. We then returned, and in the process I got scolded and insulted for apparently being worried and on-edge because we were driving down the highway at 80+ and braking quite suddenly. ...geez...I'm so, so silly, aren't I.... -_-

By accident, I stayed up the rest of the night with Nick, working on characters for his new Smackdown game. Apparently now Neo and Smith are in the W.W.E....imagine that. ;)

At 9 I return home, get ready, go to work, then work's mundane, then I come home and go to sleep for four hours...at which point Mom comes into my room.

"Mike!! Get up already! I've been calling you awhile now! I need help with dinner!"

*sigh...I don't think I can win today.
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