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Well, I suppose I'll do a quick entry before I go take a shower, seeing that I haven't updated in some time. The past few days have been interesting. I've been trying to get away from the computer more, but honestly, there isn't much else to do. I need to stay around when Dad isn't home, and help out Mom however I can. She does ask for my help a lot, and though honestly she can be a pain sometimes, like when she refuses to listen or accept something I say, she's still okay to be around most of the time, I suppose.

The other night I remember I had a dream--and it was one that wasn't mundane or didn't make sense. This one was actually fun. I remember vaguely I found something that depended on the wind that helped me to jump high and far, so a girl and I had a little adventure going across the countryside. We stopped when we got to a forest which was too high to jump which was right by an elevated highway, so we looked underneath where a river was and found a closed-off pipe, while not far off was a very small facilities building which we ended up exploring.

I don't remember much more, but finally I woke up (whoo hoo) to an embarrassing situation (don't ask), and after it was resolved, I went out with Steph, Weiss, and their pal Ruth. We headed out to Scherreville to go see the Matrix 3 (yes, I did go to see it again...), and thankfully it made...at least a little more sense the third time around...though I do have small complaints.

While being attacked with lipstick on the way, having Sweet Tarts explode over my car, threatening Weiss with poking, and having a myriad of small fight scenes taking place in my car, I think I honestly had a fun time. It was nice to get out and hang out with a group of friends who were energetic and fun.

At about 5:30 I dropped them all off, then headed over to...Nick's parents' house! It was his birthday yesterday, so any of you who might know the guy, be sure to drop him a line and wish him a (belated) happy birthday. I feel bad because I didn't get him a present...at least yet...but honestly, what do you get for the guy who has everything?! I don't think there is honestly anything he is lacking which he hasn't gotten for himself. He even has picked up games which he hasn't even played yet! He's even thinking about buying an X-box to complete his collection of next-gen systems, just because there's the "Toe Jam & Earl" game for it, as well as some wrestling game where you're able to put your own music onto the harddrive so you can customize your entrance like that (...and once again, I'm sure I've lost a large percentage of my readers' attention with that sentence).

Aye...I'm sure I'll think of something; it's at least a nice gesture of courtesy to get him something, after all. People's birthdays are days where you're supposed to celebrate them, and at least getting him something or doing something little just because should be enough. ...I'm likely thinking too much into this, aren't I.... o_O

Anyways, afterwards I headed over to Nick's place briefly. It turns out that it's become so cold, that frost is beginning to appear on things. I honestly don't want the seasons to change yet...*sigh, someday maybe I'll fulfill that dream of getting a quaint apartment in Daytona Beach. I'd like that. Anyways, I returned back to the house...where I fell asleep curled up in this uber comfy cushion where I sit to go on the computer. And w00t. ...I think these updates might be becoming more mundane as time goes on, aren't they.... =\

Edit: Just found this. ...this...egads, this's just crazy. An animal right's advocate has been watching the Wachowski brother's films too much...! =\
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