Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

No, people, Mikey has not died. Whenever I get onto the computer, I'm usually too busy/tired to write much.

The past few days have been interesting...like I suppose I always say. Some nights ago, I hung with Nick for his birthday get-together at some bar. I had no alcohol. I watched some drunk guy with a cigarrette try to play darts. Drunk people can be so dumb.... -_-

To my great surprise, I've found I can start remembering some dreams that I've been having. The other night I was walking on a beach boardwalk apparently with somebody named Willis, when sittiing off to the side was Mr. T. I quickly thanked God for answer to prayer and ran over to talk to him, but then Willis butted in. And that's about the time I woke up...wondering what that was about.

...and I'd like to take this time to quickly point out that I never, ever have recollections of my dreams. Hardly ever. This's why I think it's noteworthy enough to even bore you readers of my journal with. ;)

Jessica came over today. Yes, ex-girlfriend Jessica, that Jessica. But even though she actually is my ex-girlfriend, she's actually still a pretty cool person to hang out with. I really enjoyed her being over here like she was, and was sort of disappointed she had to leave early...but whatever, we still had fun. :)

She and I were talking about many things, and she was shocked to find out I hadn't had a girlfriend since her. "We need to find you somebody!" she blurted out. I closed my eyes and slowly nodded, responding that everybody says that. "But I'm serious!" she interjected, almost like she would want to be different from everybody else and actually do it...but...that sadly also was what just about everybody had said as well. :\

Well enough of that depressing crap. What else to say...oh yes. I've been working on my second anime music video, and this one should be small enough to fit onto my webspace, courtesy of Jeffrey (you will visit his site now!), so then all of you can see it...without bugging me to see it...like nobody's done.... :(((((( I feel so lonely!! *goes off to cry alone* [/emo]

I've started my regular hours at Papa Murphy's. But honestly...I'm slightly apprehensive. Our old manager, the one who hired me, recently left. In his place is a lady named Diane who seems to have her eyes on the small, minute details, and I feel like she's eyeing over my shoulder and watching me quietly seeing how my performance is. She's already mentioned about "not working there" already, I believe, so that's not a great sign. She also used to work at my old Wendy's...and apparently left just before I got there. If I got a job to work at a cubicle box and type stuff on a computer or whatever office work there is, I honestly would take that over food service. I just honestly don't think I should be working with food; it just doesn't suit me. Things are starting to shape up to look sort of bad...so for those of you who do, please pray for me? :\

Anyways, I'm tired. I need to be at work in five hours. I'd like to go to bed, but I don't know if I can rouse myself in time. Such quandries.... -_-
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