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Well, I suppose I'll start this post with the word "well". Anyways, I'll begin with reviewing today. It started with me waking up early for a change; I passed out in my bed last night about nine or so. So about 9:30 this morning I woke up with the thoughts of my most recent dream running through my head. I...had something like a monkey...that clinged to me...and we became friends while I was at some apartment in the city, in which I later got lost. I named the monkey "Mincie", but later on I couldn't find him....

Anyways, I quickly talked to Chris, and he and I decided to go out and give plasma, since we hadn't actually done that in awhile. I ate breakfast in the car (a nutrition bar, yogurt, and Fanta counts as breakfast, can't it?), picked him up from the Price's, but not before giving him my music video to fileshare (I'm shameless...), and we headed to Gary to be stabbed in the arm.

Notice: As of October 20th, this place has been closed down.

I put my head down and against the glass door, pounding on the window. "They did it.... You maniacs! You blew it up! Darn you! Darnk you all to heck! *sob sob*" Both Chris and I were pretty disappointed. :( We were looking forward to giving again, and we both figured we could use some extra money; plus there is a shortage currently for blood.

Go give blood! All of you! Now! Forget about the "fear of needles", because lives at stake are more important than your psychosomatic fear! D<

*cough, anyways, I dropped him off then returned home to take Mom out to see "Master and Commander". To tell you the truth, I honestly didn't want to see it in the first place, but Dad told me to take her out to see it and gave us the money to do so, so I did. And...well, to honestly tell you the truth, I sort of liked it! It was an interesting watch, though not something I would normally go out and see. There was a part that didn't make much sense to me, some guy deciding to commit suicide from almost out of nowhere...kinda pointless and needlessly sad ("ack! What...what the heck?! What'd he...he...egads, where the heck did that come from?!"), but other than that, the movie was pretty interestin', I suppose...though I think that at times the people were pretty dumb. When you board a vessel and see bodies lying everywhere, don't assume they're dead and you killed them!! What is wrong with you, Russel Crowe?!

Afterwards, with the money Dad gave us, I treated Mom to Applebee's. The food was quite tasty! I thought it was somewhat expensive, but that is to be expected at those "upper" restaurants. -_- The people working there too were pretty helpful, opening the door for Mom when I was getting the wheelchair through, plus helped me make up my befuddled mind when I couldn't think of whatever to eat.

Anyways, now onto my contemplative quick rant. Lately I've been working at Papa Murphy's, as all of you know, but something has not been right: I still can't be fast. I opened with somebody the other day, and he had me in charge of taking care of the dough. I had to take the dough balls that were kept overnight, press them down flat, then run them through the sheeter to make them into crusts, then put them on a Papa Murphy's trademark tray and wrap it. For one tote (box) of dough balls, for a beginner, the forecasted time is ten minutes. Then for an average one, it takes about eight, and for an expert, 6 minutes, thirty seconds. It took me almost twenty. -_-

I'm still slow. I've always been slow. I don't know why, but I'm slower than most people. That's why I left my last Wendy's job, and that's why I was let go from Schlotzky's Deli. But now...I'm slow once more. I hoped I would be faster or that I could at least be fast enough to keep up, even if barely, but I'm starting to think that that isn't a possibility. I work honestly hard, I do, but somehow I'm still slow. And in the food industry, the only available job around this area, being slow is not something that is looked upon with approval or even tolerance. It is completely refuted, and you're fired if you are. Which really bites.

So I'm finding that I am currently labelled to be useless. This really doesn't help me. I can't find a job where I can do well, I have no idea what direction I want to take in life, I'm not in school to take some sort of direction, and I'm currently unavailable to. Pretty soon, I think I might be stuck at home searching for a job, while I continue to grow older and my availability for use begins to fade. If I was able to get an office job or something of the like, I think I could do okay. I could do customer service or some sort of P.R. job okay! Even retail! Egads, I'd do fine there! But why is it that I can't find anything now? I don't want to be useless! "I know I'm something, because God don't make no junk" --Anonymous.

So, anybody out there who knows of open jobs that aren't food...uh, around here...please talk to me. :(

Anyways, for anybody reading who's watched any "Bebop", please leave a comment talking about Ein the dog. I need something about him. Oh yeah, and I've been invited to join a community here on Livejournal, which I'll shortly join, and also I found out my friend Kleine has a Livejournal, so I'm going to make him a friend as soon as I return.

But for now! I need to depart. My pal Nick is waiting for me, and he has the network at his place set up and ready for mutliplayer-type games. So, um...see ya! ^_^
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