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Today, for lack of a better or less used word, has been "interesting." A lot's happened. I'm tired. And orange soda is still tasty.

I'll get to the part about Papa Murphy's in a bit, but I'll quickly go over the other stuff. About 1:00 I came home from work and went on the computer, then tested a game on my computer to see if it would work...then ended up playing it for the next six hours. Dangit, why do I have to get such addicting ones?!

Anyways, I decided to go out tonight, since I haven't done a whole lot of that. I'm sorry to say I've shirked a lot of my chores today, and I didn't realize I forgot about them until I was preparing to leave. Daggumit.... But hey, at least my parents're thankfully being patient with me.

I decided to join the crowd of people with whom I had lost contact over the past year, and meet them at Inman's for their normal Friday get-together...around the Dance Dance Revolution machine. They were surprised to see me not wearing the gold suit, so I suppose I'll need to bring that next time, heh. I got to listen in on the teenage thought process, however abstract and sometimes pointless it could get, I got to see that girls younger and younger are showing more and more skin.... I'm starting to sound like a prude, old fogey, but...what the heck?! When...when did this happen?! =\

Our Dance Dance Revolution machine has been upgraded during these past few months to a bootleg of the most recent version out there: "Extreme". There was a half-black kid with hair extensions who went up there tonight who either was Asian or he wasn't human; there isn't any other explanation on how people could possibly do that great at that game! He did a course called "World Tour", where you go through nine songs...and throughout that time, he missed...about five steps or so. And afterwards he wasn't tired at all! He was walking around doing just fine! Not human/Asian! There's no possible other explanation!

I found myself getting tired after the first song, as usual. -_-

Afterwards I stopped by Wendy's to see what was going on. I hadn't visited my old workplace ever since I went to return my work shirts, so it was nice getting to talk to a pal of mine over there, Tom. I drove up to the window and he say me and flopped his hand out. I gave him five in kind. ...that wasn't what he wanted, though. "Hey! Mikey! When am I going to get 'Animatrix' back?!" He had lent me the movie days before I had lost my job there, and since hadn't returned the DVD. I felt kind of bad doing that to him...but then again, it actually was lost in my boxes of moving stuff until about last week.....

I stopped by the Price's afterward to a warm reception from the recipients therein. Anna, their youngest daughter, saw me sporting a Wendy's bag and was about to beg me for a Frosty when I had to quickly jump in and let her know I had none. Their newborn kittens greeted me as well (I named one! whoo hoo!). And, um...yup, that's my night.

Anyways, back to Papa Murphy's. This morning I removed myself from bed and got myself to work. I unfortunately was late, and I got to be greeted by this cheerful phrase: "Hey. Mike. Today you need to pick up your speed. You need to be faster today, because if you're not, we're going to have to pull you. It's getting around the holidays when we don't do much business, so this is when we start laying people off."

That sucks. -_- Mikey's doomed, a-yup.

I put away the delivery that was made the day before and started on working on the dough. Pressing the dough balls, running them through the machine, putting them on trays and wrapping them..... What should have taken me less than two hours, I didn't even finish after four. I got to the last box when Michael Jordan (we have somebody named Michael Jordan) walked up to me and told me I was already working over, and that I should just head home.

My mind spoke "permanently".

I had honestly given it my best shot that day. I worked as quickly as I could, I tried to get everything through okay, and while I thought I was doing okay whilst I was in the middle of it all, when I looked back to check my progress, I realized I was doing terribly. Diana, manager, kept calling to me, "Hey Mike! Are ya done yet?" I started to wonder if she was a sadist, and enjoyed the fact that I wasn't able to keep up. Rub it in more, Diana! I'm unemployed after today, because I'm just freaking slow!!

Interspersed with "It's Tricky", I kept hearing lyrics from "Little Mac's Confession". Oh, you clicked the link.... All right then, lyrics!

Doc I know I let you down! Though you counted on me.
But this David and Goliath just was not meant to be!
What's my star compared to dynamite?
A quite prophetic fight.
Let's keep it clean...Punch Out!

[guitar solo]

Mr. Dream had turned into a nightmare, his fists they had a taste of steel.
I flinched from his assaulting, apprehensions became real!
So hopes have perished on this loss.
My heartbeat took a pause.
Let's keep it clean...Punch Out!

[guitar solo]

So thick the darkness that surrounds, I enter dreamless rest.
The KO countdown fading, as I greet unconsciousness.

"Forgive me for failing...I was disillusioned...my best...just wasn't good enough...."


I kept hearing especially the last part. "My best...just wasn't good enough...." I kept thinking through my head exactly how the parting would be. Would I shake hands? Ask for a hug? Would they give me free food? A free pizza? I knew I wasn't going to be bitter, because she was justified in her decision. Like my previous employer had said, "We run a business, not a charity." Would I write her a note? What would it be like? I knew there wasn't going to be emotional involvement, because these people barely knew me. All they thought of me was that I was some quiet guy that was slow. In their minds, I was a background character, an extra, just a person that popped in then popped out, and meant nothing in the process. I was basically just a step up from anonymity with them.

Michael Jordan dismissed me, and I changed back into my clothes, got my jacket on, and went up to Diana to tell her a simple, "I'm sorry I wasn't faster. If you see Jeremy, tell him thanks for the chance. Bye."

Instead I was greeted with, "You'll be back here...tomorrow, 9." *blink* What? "Oh, yeah...don't worry, I'm not getting rid of you. I'm going to work with you and try to build your speed up." I still wasn't believing it. "See you tomorrow!"

Well I left, still bewildered and confused by what happened...until I left and went to turn the corner around the building towards my car, where I shot my fists in the air, giving a harsh hiss of "Yes!"

So~! Somehow I still have a job...and I do plan on working hard to make sure that I'm okay there. I don't know if I'll get better...but we'll find out, I suppose? Oh yeah, for those of you who do, please pray for me about that. I'll need what help I can get. =\ Oh, and speaking of prayers, a pal of mine only known as "Bakuryu-kun" recently found out he has a parasite in him...about the size of a caterpillar. He's doing horribly right now. It's due to be removed, but there is pain in the process. Pray for him too, all right?

Well I'm done. I'm going back to online stuffs...the folks in #rpgcomics, #myroom, and elsewhere. ...aw crud, I forgot I left irc on! I hate doin' that to people :\

Dangit, I write too much....
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