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Post-Thanksgiving pretty meaningless post :)

"Oh...oh my gosh...oh my gosh.... I-I can't tell you what it's like in here...there's...there's just so much blood! There are troughs here...just full, full of blood! This room is covered in it! They--ahhhh!! Ahhhhh!! Ohhh--oh geez, I think I'm going to vomit...this is...this...*sob* I can't believe you made me do this.... ...there's, *gulp*, something over here...it-it looks like a funnel. They...they're taking the turkey...and putting it upside-down, putting its head through the end. Hey, what's this called? ...it's a bleeder. They call it a bleeder. They...they push a button over here...and--ahhhh!! It...it just...just slit its throat. Do you hear this?! Do you hear it kicking for its life?! There's...there's so many turkeys in here. They all know their death is coming! They look terrified!! This is so horrible!! I'm...I'm telling you...*sob*, after today, I am never, never having turkey again...."

I heard that on the radio the day before Thanksgiving. I just thought I'd put it here...thought it sort of interesting...in ah, uh...morbidly informative...sort of way.... You'd never imagine that's what what's on your Thanksgiving table would be like that, hm? ...though, trust me...this isn't me trying to push for a vegan lifestyle...I still like Kelsey's Steakhouse. Just...hearing about it like that...eugh. (*has sudden disturbing flashback of "Meatrix" x_X* )

Anyways, sorry about not posting more. I just found out the other day apparently I do have a company of loyal readers apart from a few of you regular folks (Sam, Todd, Josh, all a' you LJ people). Steph, Shaun, Lynod...anybody else I might accidentally be leavin out...yeah, it's interesting who comes in here when you put the link on your instant messenger profile. "Oh! So, um...you actually read up?" "Like a stalker! ^_^ " Ha, well I suppose that does give me more of an incentive to write....

Well, the obvious topics...Thanksgiving has come and gone. I was thinking about writing a post on that day...writing about all the things I'm thankful for...all the things in my life that mean a bunch to me...but, eh. I sort of forgot about it on Thanksgiving, then turned in early.

So for a cop-out entry, I'll do this! "People...I am thankful for you all. I am thankful for you, my friends...each and every last one of you. I am thankful for the people I have met face-to-face, the ones I have yet personally meet, and the ones with whom I have yet even to hold a conversation with. I am thankful for food, that I've got some. I am thankful for God and my faith. I am thankful for America. And I am thankful for a nice place to stay for free, a comfy chair, a nice computer...and a lot of other stuff too." Done!

Anyways, next obvious subject people keep bringing up: my job. It still isn't going well. This week I was only given one day to work, for whatever reason. I'm scheduled for next week, I was given more hours (three days, three hours each...), so I suppose that's a bonus. But I'm still not happy at Papa Murphy's. I want out of food service. Out. I'm unhappy and unskilled there. I think it might be inevitable that eventually they will take me aside and say "this isn't working out", and then two weeks later, though likely sooner, I'll once again be unemployed. *sigh...whine whine moan complain*

Anyways, off that subject, I've become addicted to computer games, now that I've seen my computer can actually handle them. I mean...my last computer was barely able to run "Age of Empires" well (that was a pretty old game...), but now...I've got this monster of a (overpriced, but still nice) computer, and...egads, my computer can run this?!

So~ "Deus Ex" has been on here for a bit. I suppose that's one reason why I haven't posted...it's taking up a bunch of my time...it's just addictive! The plot is silly beyond belief--it takes every conspiracy, "mysterious organization", science fiction script, and bad acting...then throws it somehow all together into a game. But it's addicting! Blargh! Need to pull self away!

Other than that, there isn't much to say. Lately I've found myself being tired a lot, for whatever reason. I don't much get it myself. I get plenty of sleep (too much, actually), but yet I still am not rested. My dad told me today I look tired, bored, depressed, or a combination of those three. It takes something to make him say that. :\

Anyways, I'll end this post, and just say yes...yeah, I'll try to update more. And sorry about that beginning part; you were warned, y'know! Anyways, I need to explain to Mom how to look up the guide on the satellite remote, so I suppose I'll see you folks later. :)
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