February 6th, 2006

let's rock!

"When Chuck Norris gives blood, he declines the needle, and instead asks for a gun and a bucket"

Well...I'm still sick! ^_^;; Honestly, people, I am trying to "get well soon", but this sickness doesn't want to cooperate. "lol no," it says. At least it's gone from a totally incapacitating cold to a...well, right now it's a bad cough! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be better. In fact, I think today I'm going to make a double effort to get better. And you know why?

'Cause I give blood tomorrow!!

The Red Cross is doing a blood drive over at Purdue, and after I get out of class, I'm scheduled to go give blood! And from what I can tell, they don't want sick people's blood >_< Heh...I remember back in high school, though, one time I went to go give blood while at the tail end of a cold, and when I brought up that subject with the nurse lady, she told me it depended if I had an infection or not...i.e., if my snot was colored or not XD What a test....

I tried looking around for some chicken noodle soup in the house, but unfortunately didn't find any. Instead...I found cheap chicken-flavored ramen! ^_^ Boiled that, and to ensure there was some sort of meat/chicken product in there, I plopped in an egg. And know what...it was kinda good! It reminded me of eating back at the apartment, where I would go to Walmart with whatever money I could find, then come back with bags of the stuff. Once the income was coming in better, I was able to go from the ten-cent ramen to the fifteen-cent stuff! I was living it, baby!

Oh yeah, and a parting thought. There's a dance at school on the 11th o_O A homecoming dance. It's free to get in, but...well...that just still seems sort of awkward to me. I mean...a dance, a school dance. I haven't been to one of those since...well actually, I think senior prom! The concept of a "school dance" just seems...really...awkward to me. I'm still thinking of going, though, just to check it out! ^_^ Sure, about everyone else will probably have someone to chill out with, but I just wanna check it out, and hey, I might make a friend or two in the process. After all, the subject of the dance's fruit punch is quite the conversation starter, isn't it? =)