Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Well, there has been a whole bunch that I've been wanting to write about, but unfortunately the idea to write about them normally comes to me sometime after 3 or so in the morning...when I'm honestly not in any condition to jot down my thoughts. Anyways, right now I'm at the Price's, and just finished playing an hour or so of "Halo" with their youngest, Anna. ...man, for a 10 year-old, she's pretty bossy about it.... "Nooo~! I'm driving the tank! I always drive!" Ha ha, at least she isn't a bad player.

Anyways, the reason I'm over here right now is because last night, my computer went comatose. I was online last night, not doing anything out of the ordinary, when I find a pdf file and try to open it, but then Adobe somehow majorly lags the computer...so I try to restart...but it doesn't respond...so I had to manually push the button. But that was the last time I saw the Windows prompt. Now whenever the comp starts up, it asks if I want to start with safe mode or not, and whatever I choose, after Windows boots up, it always brings me to a black screen...or, with safe mode, it has those cute little "Safe Mode" captions at the corners. -_-

So I'm not entirely sure what happened. I pray that I can get my computer back without having to format or do anything drastic like that. It...would be pretty bad if I had to. It's not so much losing everything on my hard drive; it's rather that one project I had been working on--my new music video. It only had minutes left to completion, and all I was honestly waiting on was the signature picture which a new pal of mine named "Yousei" was planning to draw.

...but now I've got this. The 1-800-Gateway people said that it's likely a virus...which is really my fault, because I was running my computer without any virus protection, because I kept forgetting to install it. >_< I would install it if I was able...but yeah, unfortunately I'm kinda not in any condition to...blargh.... I think I know what to do....

Anyways, things are okay here. Today I lost my job at Papa Murphy's, and have replaced it with delivering pizza for Pizza Hut. I don't know what's going to come out of this job, but my car's been in okay condition, I'm (mostly, sorta, kinda) okay with directions and maps, so delivery shouldn't be that much of a hassle. I'll also need to wash dishes thoughout the day and also make the sauces in the mornings, but other than that, there honestly isn't too much else.

I can't get away from dealing with food, can I....

Recently I've found myself coming into possession of a lot of computer games; Nick actually got me a present, and it was the "Command & Conquer" boxed set, so this should prove to be interesting. I've always been a fan of strategy games. Well, leaving off that thought, I've got some ranting to do once the computer is up and going again. I'm optimistic about it all, so I suppose we'll see what's going to be happening. To all, merry Christmas and happy holidays. Take care. :)
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