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This has proved to be an odd evening....

Throughout today, it was pretty much very...very slow. I didn't actually do much of anything until after 5 in the evening, when I went to have dinner, at which point I thought I would once again join the people I know at Inman's for their usual Friday night get-together. I actually did somewhat decent tonight, and even got brave enough to do Doubles (one person using both pads) twice! I...so...rock! ...'cept not really; I actually did pretty bad. I apparently impressed some people, and even got brave enough to attempt "Hard Train Running" on Difficult...then failed horribly, horribly. I got metaphorically punched in the face right from the beginning of that song! Ow.

Afterwards, what with my computer still out of commission, I decided to stop at the Price's residence very nearby, and borrow their computer a little bit. While here...a majority of the Inman's group decides to stop over here as well, at the request of Liz Price...who...also was there. Suddenly the teenage girls begin talking about me, and next thing I know, I'm dubbed "cute", "a role model", "adorable", "look like Waldo", "so funny".... It's nice to suddenly know I'm appreciated, but what?! That...that just struck me as odd. Thankfully they're interested in other people (yes, their own age!), but...that just felt weird being told that.

I dunno. I might be over-thinking. It felt nice to be complimented, but I didn't think myself that special. Anyways, aside from doing Lonestar's "Unusually Unusual" pretty badly at karaoke while at Inman's, I don't think there's much else noteworthy to add on here. There's this new fellow who's been staying with the Price's as well; he seems all right. We both know of the horrors of fast food....

So, ahh...yeah, I'll stop talking now. Oh, 'n once the new video is complete, I'll be sure to upload it so you people can see it. I think it'll be small enough so that it can fit on my webspace...maybe 10 megs? *shrug!!* Well, 'nite, people! Sleep well when you do! ...or, um..."have a nice day", if it's that time.

...eh heh....
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