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Well, today's honestly been a disappointing day. It started off...at about 7 this morning, when I was still awake from the previous day, being unable to sleep. I...eventually somehow passed out on the computer room floor wrapped in a blanket, then at 1, I finally awoke...but I'd slept through a promise. Mom was wanting to go to church with me this morning, and I asked her to wake me up...but a simple "Mike, it's time to get up" is really not enough to wake me up, dangit. >_< I had dinner, I went to the 6:00 Bible study...except I found it was moved to 3:00, so it had been long over.... (that was my entire day, f.y.i.) I hate missing stuff. :(

Anyways, I started my job yesterday at Pizza Hut...which, of course, was the first-day-obligatory-many-many-papers-to-fill-out-and-basic-introduction-and-guidelines...thing. After affirming on many different papers in many different ways that I wouldn't harass anybody, I wouldn't steal, I would always be on time, I would follow all guidelines, etc., etc., she finally sat the two of us (another fellow named Matt was there) down, and gave us a quick synopsis of the place...including the co-workers. Now, call me naive, but she said something that was slightly startling to me. "And there are 16 year-old girls here, and you know there's nothing better to a 16 year-old than a friendly 21 year-old guy." That honestly was news to me...though now that I think about it, for those of you who've read that old entry about the fair in my DeadJournal, I see now how I've apparently become..."vintage"? *sigh, I really, really don't like this....

Anyways, the Pizza Hut job seems pretty nice so far. And they even got my name on my nametag right! "Mikey". Yes! I'll be starting my first official day of training tomorrow, so if I'm able, I'll see if I can find access to another computer to update you there. ...otherwise...eh. Hopefully my computer will be cured by tomorrow or Tuesday. Nick was saying he was thinking about having another LAN party at his place Tuesday, so I'd like it if I could recover everything by then. I want this music video done already! :(

...wow, looking back on this entry, it's actually been not exactly that happy! I honestly don't want this to turn into another angsty "my life bites and I hate my dad!!!1" journal; I know there's enough of those on here.... Next entry will likely be better...trust me. XD

"I heard it's amazing when the famous purple-stuffed worm in flapjaw space with a tuning fork does a raw blink on harikiri rock! I need scissors! 61!"

-"Colonel" XD

...c'mon, everybody knows that quote...don't they...?
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