Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Pizza transporter

"So it's your first day of work, eh?" he asked me in a slightly British-twinged accent as we cruised down the road. Behind us in the back seat the pizza lie well preserved in its black pouch emblazoned with the Pizza Hut red roof logo.

"Yeah, I filled out an application a few months ago while looking for a job, and just last week they called me, and wanted to know if I was still interested in getting a job with delivery."

"Sounds about right," he said while still keeping his eyes forward, maneuvering the BMW down the road. "We're trying to get some new people; we have a few that aren't doing too hot right now."

"Well, it seems like an okay job," I replied. "Plus I'm willing to do whatever to keep this job and do it well."

We got to a stop light and he turned to me, making a small gesture with his hand. "A pizza transporter can be an easy job, can even be fun, but there are rules to be followed.

"One," he began, as we started again. "Make sure the product is correct and stays perfect and whole until delivery. Two, get there as quick as you can, know the roads, but at the same time don't be reckless or speed. And three, get the product there, but don't leave until you receive payment and confirmation."

"...sounds easy enough. So how long have you--"

"Wait!" he cut in, adjusting the rear-view mirror and looking into it intently. Two black cars followed behind us with black-tinted windows. One window rolled down, and a man in a business suit with sunglasses poked his head out and drew his gun.

"We've got company. How much do you weigh?"

"Me? I, um...160?"



"Blast, does anybody know the metric system?!"

He punched the gas pedal, squealing the tires as the techno music began and the action sequence started.

...okay, so maybe pizza delivery isn't really like that...but Hollywood refuses to tell us otherwise, right? Well, I've been working at Pizza Hut for almost a week now, and things have been progressing pretty nicely, I suppose. Pizza delivery isn't really too bad, and a lot of the time I'm on the road...or at least trying to figure out where in the world I have to go, which happens surprisingly frequently here in Portage, being that a lot of the roads are cut up into sections, with portions of subdivision filling the spaces. :\

My first night, a few different people had me ride along with, probably people I'll be mentioning in future entries. One's name was Sam(my), an older guy about 50, and he told me various things about the job, as well as discussing about horror movies (he actually's never seen "Army of Darkness". Personally I thought the "Evil Dead" movies were a step above crap, but that movie...one a' my honest faves XD ). Another guy named Paul, older fellow too, had a rusting, stripped-down Volvo that shook the entire time (the "death mobile", he called it) who was pretty friendly and outgoing, and gave me advice about getting the best tips.

The past two days I've been working during the mornings/afternoons, and I've been told during those times there's usually just one driver on the job, so basically you're the only one delivering and getting tips during that time...plus, ah, doing dishes. Drivers are the dish-washers. But! Pizza Hut has the single, solitary, possibly best and most important invention ever invented. Load dishes and such on a tray, put it in a large chamber, then thirty seconds later...they're clean. Isn't that awesome?! XD Two years of Wendy's and grease, one year of multiple upon multiple large sinks just crammed to the brim full of dishes...and now I have redemption!! *spastic dance!*

...*cough, well anyways, things have been going okay over there, and I find it a bit odd every day I have a soundtrack stuck in my head, like Metal Gear Solid or even Linkin Park...spurred on by the fact I worked with a short kid named Nick, who looked, acted, and talked like a guy I know named Adam Hanley...who stayed at my parents' place about a month or two, and had his Linkin Park CD on loop every. Day. (I still know the lyrics to all their songs, thanks to him o_O ). He was the guy who was supposed to replace me at the apartment...and even though he decided to bail at the last moment, I still think he's okay. ...that reminds me...I still have his copy of "Perfect Dark"....

Anyways, update on the computer: it has been fixed, most the important files have been preserved, my projects are still intact, and everything's okay. I was called the equivalent of a "butthead" by my pal Steph for not having protected my computer before, but now I'm making sure such name-callings will be withheld in the future...since I have a firewall of awesomeness!!!1

Oh, speaking of Steph, I'm heading out with her and a few others come Sunday to go check out "Return of the King". According to one unoffical critic named Skull, the movie was so great, "afterwards, it is hard to find a spot to pee". He said it, not me. If this movie pulls through, I'll likely be looking for the three-disk box set once it comes out, and there are very few movies I'd be willing to buy, with "Castle In the Sky" and "Dude Where's My Car" making the scant list.


Anyways, things are all right, seem to be looking up...I'll try to be more attentive at keeping up this journal. I haven't been very faithful at the LJ thing, not having kept this much updated, and even less looking at my friends' ones...sorry. :( But anyways, I suppose that's all to write about at the moment, so...yeah, that's it. :)
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