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A quick post, I hope

And Mikey writes in here again...not like that's a huge announcement or anything. Before I write anything else, I would like to clarify that this journal has gained a new unofficial sponsor: Mountain Dew Livewire. Yes, Mountain Dew Livewire. It's a shame that it's only going to be here until the end of summer, which is sadly only a month or so away. I shall miss Livewire...but I do plan on organizing a one-man (hopefully more *hint!!) phone campaign to ask that they keep this, because, come on...the original Mountain Dew and Code Red are okay, but this...ohh, this drink is just excellent! I never buy myself pop (that's how we say cola/soda here in the midwest...) and I've just lived off water while I've been living here in the apartment, but this just has the right and perfect taste to me.... (*drool drool drool*...but anyways...)

Well, now that that's done, I suppose now I'm supposed to write about what's going on in my life. I think I'll start with what has been going on with my "Livejournal-ly life". I've gained two more friends on here! ...well...I mean actual Livejournal users. The first is a friend of mine that I know on irc named Jeffrey Faden. He's the author of a few actually quality online strips that have come and gone, and now works on the Dance Dance Revolution-based webcomic "Let's Dancing". If you happen to be stopping by his site, check out the guest comic I did for him with cutting and pasting. ...actually...why am I saying that when I could post it here!! =)

Whoo guest strip!!

...yeah, I know...it's insane. It was the sort of humor this comic generally used, though.

Anyways, I've also added another Livejournal user to my buddy list, a guy by the name of Josh Nickerson. He's another webcomic author, and I've recently been checking out what his comics plus art have been like, and I actually am pretty impressed! His style is pseudo-anime, and I like his sense of humor. And I noticed there weren't many people on his list of friends, so I thought to oblige. So, um...hey Josh! I'm Mikey! I like the Nolans!! ^_^

In other news, Ed is adjusting to household life. I've grown somewhat attached to the tiny thing of fur. She and Mia (our other kitten...a few weeks older than her) have silently been staring each other down, I'm sure making death threats to one another. Mia: *hss!* Ed: *hhhh!* Mia: *hss!* Ed:*hhhh!* Then they both run away. They don't get along at all...but they are adjusting, at least. Then we have Bo, who is like the giant big brother to her...the sort of big brother that generally beats up on his little sister. They do get along quite better than Ed and Mia do, but Bo still attacks her a little...but more in a playing sense that anything. Ed actually looks like a miniature version of Bo...sort of weird. And then there's Mo...who is like the "dad" I suppose of this outfit. He quietly watches, making no agressive movements or anything like that, and watches out for Ed, though she still doesn't quite understand or fully accept him yet. It's a weird family we have here...if you could call it that.

Anyways, I stood today a lot over at the Price's. Last night I actually stayed up all night playing the original "Legend of Zelda" for the Nintendo over there, then when everybody woke up, the little girl there, Anna, asked me to help her with a game for the computer, "Rollercoaster Tycoon". I stayed there till the afternoon then came back here to the apartment...where I promptly accidentally passed out in my bedroom. Approximately some four hours later I wake up when my raised bent knee accidentally fell to the side, loudly clonking against the wall.

And from there, woke up, talked to the roommates, went to the bank, went to the store, got tp and Livewire (Livewire!!). Then I stopped by Dillon's place to drop off some salads...at least that's what I planned to do. ...but they'd been in the fridge for a day or so...and they didn't look right, so...blah. I'll get him some another time.

But there's a more pressing issue here: he lost his job. The candy delivery company he was working for got sold to some other people, and they decided not to keep him. It was a small business, going to different candy machines and stocking them up. He was told (just told) it was run by a Christian couple...but now he's wondering exactly just what went on with them. He expected at least a phone call or something to that like. What gives...?

Anyways, like Erin, the overtly welfish Welfy of welfinismness (sorry, Erin, your name's just cool :) ) said, "if you're reading this and are the praying type", could you please pray about Dillon that he'll find a job? Things are getting to a pivotal moment in his life, and he really needs what help he can. He's fully depending on God through this, so I, friend and observer and field reporter, will keep you folks up-to-date with what's happening with him. Trust me, you're gonna get to see God working in his life. This journal isn't just a blog about me, but a chronicle of all aspects of me, including my friends, family, and thoughts and ideas. Basically, hm hm, welcome to my mind. ;)

'Nite, folks!
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