Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Mikey's Comp in a coma, take 2!

Well! This is quite interesting. My computer still is having problems with the harddrive. It still tells me that it doesn't exist, even though I've checked the wires, they're fine, and I even told the computer it was connected! It didn't believe me. :(

So anyways, that's just letting you people know where I'm currently at. Right now I'm at the Price's residence using David's (he's the dude who let me borrow the Cowboy Bebop dvd's ^_^ ) laptop. I'm planning on hooking up my old Mikey's Comp up to the internet, though, so at least I'll have some sort of internet. I don't know how well it wil work, since I haven't tested this out yet, but hopefully it should be okay.

Anyways, my Christmas was okay. I got a cool blanket from my relatives up in Seattle, and I'll definitely take a picture of that later for you people. ;) Also I got a Playstation 2. Yay!! And...I ask that you don't make fun of me for this, because I didn't ask for this (...I didn't ask for it, f.y.i.), but I also got "Karaoke Revolution"...which, in case for those of you who don't know, it's like "Dance Dance Revolution", except it's singing. Yes, singing. You get a USB headset microphone and you sing along with the words. But you need to have perfect pitch. And perfect timing. And perfect everything. Otherwise you'll fail (the judging's worse than those people at American Idol >_< ). Easiest difficulty with an easy song with easiest judging level, and I, a self-proclaimed karaoke master (stop laughing!), got booed off the stage.

Anyways, for Christmas day, there was a miracle that my computer actually could see the harddrive! But then after I got done taking care of the necessities and wishing people "merry Christmas", it began acting buggy, and after trying to scan for errors (failed), reinstall Windows (failed), and everything else possibly imaginable (failed), I tried restarting the comp...and the harddrive mysteriously disappeared once more.

Anyways, enough about that. Tonight I went out to Inman's for the Friday night Dance Dance Revolution thing, because I hadn't gone for a bit, plus I felt like being social tonight. I miss people. :( Met with Tim and some other folks. Came back to Price's residence. Boo-yah. Dave liked the music vide--oh! Video done, done! And uploaded! So download, download, okay?

Anyways, I'm done typing for now on Dave's (ub3r) laptop, so take care, people. :) Hopefully the internet'll be back soon.
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