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Soylent green is people! People!

I had a dream the other night. I was delivering pizzas, and I was supposed to go to grid G-5 of the Portage map, but I somehow accidentally went to C-4 instead...which was the exact opposite way. When I realized my mistake, I went to turn around...but then I ran into J.B. from high school--the same fellow with whom I was frinds in grade school, and the same fellow who made my life miserable during my early high school years.

"Hi!" he began. I replied with a cordial "What?" I was willing to be polite and humane with him, but the memory of what he had done was still with me.

"I'm..." he suddenly got choked up as he looked down, suddenly his tone changing. "I'm sorry I messed up your life...."

This honestly surprised me, and suddenly he was talking about his life, and how things were going with his family at the time. He kept his eyes averted and slightly lowered when he was talking to me, and I finally spoke up and interrupted him. "Hey, it's all right." We spoke a little bit more, then we hugged.

Unfortunately, I don't know if this dream will ever come true. In fact, the probabilities are pretty high that it really won't. But the experience of it, for the time it lasted...was pretty nice.

Anyways, how've you kind folks been? I know it's been awhile since I've updated, but really, there isn't much to say. I've been working a lot. I've delivered a lot of pizzas. And the other night, I met up with a few people who made me very uncomfortable. It's not a nice feeling when you deliver a pizza to a place, then the people start telling you that it was late, and they were getting half-price--especially when they're drunk, one person apparently was on a lot of pills, and a lot of yelling was going on between the three of them. Then a few deliveries later, you go to a house where the people tell you militarily to come in, put the pizzas on the table, then for them to scientifically put the pizzas under examination, then start raising their voice at you telling you that they're wrong, wrong, all wrong. Then they give you the phone, dial Pizza Hut, cross their arms, and tell you to make it right.


So other than delivering pizzas and staying around the house some, there honestly hasn't been much going on. I've rented a few games for the Playstation 2 during these past few weeks. I tried ".hack//infection"...but unfortunately, I didn't play the game before it, so I was about completely lost with the story...darn. >_< I also rented the "Matrix" one, which was half-way decent. But for those parts of the movies they don't tell you, and you can only find out about them in the video game...trust me, you aren't missing anything. For those of you interested, Ghost has a crush on Trinity. That's. It.

During Christmas, I was a ninja, and delivered presents to people's houses without them knowing about it, letters of appreciation attached. I like pizza boxes. I don't like wrapping paper, though. For my parents' presents, I either put a plastic bag over the top of a box, then wrote on it with magic marker "WRAPPING PAPER" or just left it in the plain white box, and wrote "WRAPPING BOX" on it. I like things easy like that. :) Unfortunately, I didn't get to get presents for everybody I wanted to out there, which I'm pretty disappointed in myself for doing. Christmas is one of the only times out there that people are let known that they are appreciated, and I want to get gifts for somebody not because the rules of the holiday state that I must, but because I want them to know that they're appreciated, and I like them for who they are, and I am glad they are my friend. So for all those of you out there who didn't get anything...read the previous statement; it does apply to you. Every single one of you out there who I know who are reading this. Yes, you! Dangit, man, you!

Anyways, by request of a certain reader, I'm to detail my chronicles of going to see "Peter Pan" (yes, Steph, I'm writing it finally). It started out like a normal Sunday, those two weeks ago. Stephanie and I were going to see Peter Pan, I called her about 1:15, then quickly stopped by work to pick up my paycheck. I stopped by, and she kept saying we weren't gonna make it, but I kept telling her "Nevar say die!! Nevar!!!1"

We made it. We saw it. And personally, I thought the movie to be all right. I thought the plot to ramble a whole lot, jumping from one thing to another to another, usually without much of any explanation, but it was fun to see. My mom went to see it later on, and she didn't like it...but then again, as Patty her caretaker says, "she doesn't like good movies" (she didn't like "Lord of the Rings"! what gives?!). Anyways, afterwards we went out the back exit, leading us into the back alley of the place...from which we found a shopping cart from the next-door K-mart, sitting there by its lonesome. So what're we supposed to do with it?

"Hey Mikey! Get in!" So I was pushed around a bit there in the parking lot, rammed full speed into a garbage dumpster, and when a car went by, I was told to "act natural". That moment alone I think is one of the most amusing things I can remember to date. ^_^; Then we had a spitting contest, which she won with uber distance, then I took her here to the Price household for a bit to show her my music videos. She thought the Ein one was...interesting. And when she saw the one I made of Edward, she told me, "Mikey, you really need to get a girlfriend. You have way too much free time on your hands!"

...I'll show you too much free time!

...though that actually didn't make any sense....

Anyways, as for things current, things are slow. My dad scheduled me to go to the eye doctor on Thursday to get an eye examination to possibly see if I could qualify for laser eye surgery. That would be nice.... I've noticed my dad being a lot nicer and amiable lately, willing to go out of his way to always help. While he's always been this way the whole 21 years I've known the fellow, it seems that lately he's been even moreso that way. Maybe it's because of the note I gave him on Christmas, maybe it's just me, or maybe it's just going naturally for him. Whatever it is, I'm not going to dwell on it.

Also, I've noticed that a lot of people have been having a lot of trouble with their harddrives lately, besides just me. Josh Nickerson, Ian J., Greg Dean, my pal BiccyDash, few others I can't recall right now--everybody's harddrives are going bad on them! I find it pretty odd that I haven't heard about harddrives being bad in the past, but lately a noticeable amount of people are talking about their HD's suddenly not working. Is this a virus or something that has been going around? Could this have been an engineered series of accidents? Could something deeper be going on we don't know about?!

...or am I just sounding dumb right now? I choose this answer! =)

Well anyways, I'm going to get going soon. I came down with a horrid cold yesterday, and this morning I woke up with a huge headache, stuffed head, and a generally "bad overall" feeling. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow. ...sure hope so, though; I don't wanna be coughing or sneezing on people's pizzas. I don't think I would be tipped then....

So, all, take care, and I'm sure we'll meet up again. "Uuyë seerë indoninya", whatever...that meant. (I think it generally means "bye" in Tolkien's Elvish language thing =\ )

Edit: Steph's hocker went 13 feet. There!
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