Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

"Dude...you look like an owl"

Well once again it's late/early, I'm awake, and at the Price's borrowing their internet. I'm actually not over here half as much as some are led to believe, but that's another story.

Today I went to the eye doctor for preliminary examinations into whether or not I qualified for laser eye surgery. The diagnosis was "not yet". One's eye prescription needs to be consistent a few times in a row in order for that to happen, and my eyes don't want to do that yet. It might be a few years, or possibly maybe one or two, but whatever the case, my eyes aren't staying the same.

While at the optometrist eye doctor's place, my long-time friend Bryan was with me; I got a hold of him a few days ago, and he wanted to go hang out a bit today. The doctor had put some drops into my eyes that made my irises grow to the size of dinner plates, and I wondered if when he was shining that light into my eyes if he was studying my eyes or looking at my brain.

Anyways, just f.y.i., I'm wearing contacts once again. Whee. And onto other news, my life still is its normal self. My computer is due to come back home (hopefully) any day now, starting Friday. Maybe then I'll be able to update more, and the entries can be less cryptic then.

Oh yes, on Tuesday nearby they were having auditions for Survivor. When I found out almost two weeks ago, I immediately went to request the day off, but unfortunately, the manager Liz had apparently completed the schedules for the next couple of weeks, and her managerial authority absolute, I had no argument but to work on that day. And to tell you the truth...it actually is one of my dreams to hopefully be on that show one day. *sigh. :( </whine>

It's late, and I'm currently tired and unimaginative. Thank you, internet, and sleep well all.
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