Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

A Friday

As the alarm went off at 9, announcing the end of my less than four hours of sleep, I couldn't help but sleep through it. At 9:50, that changed, as I slowly opened my eyes to awakeness, realizing it had been going on for almost an hour...and that I also needed to be at work in ten minutes. ...crud. I arrived at work, a few minutes late, grunted a reply to "hello" from great co-worker Nancy, and clocked in...except it wouldn't let me clock in. I was actually a half-hour early! I had forgotten how the schedule went weird like that on the weekends.

From there, the day progressed semi-normally like usual. I got out of work an hour-and-a-half early, so that was a pretty nice plus to that. I brought home a mini-pizza, since I didn't have it for lunch, and then spent some time playing "Megaman X7", which I thought to rent.

For those of you who were thinking about renting this game, I honestly don't suggest it, unless you haven't played any of the other games of the series. Other than a few changes, it's the same thing as the other ones (...except X4...I think that was the one with the anime--that game was just plain yummy!). Honestly, the game needlessly makes you want to rip out your hair, and if you're a Megaman veteran, the "secrets" they have are so, sooo~ho easy to find.

Anyways, since it was Friday, I thought I would join the normal Inman's crew for their weekly get-together of rhythmically stepping on four arrows and trying to better themselves, and maybe even impress people (...of course, they do, and show everybody else up, and even scare away people from trying; what do you expect when you see so many arrows and see their feet moving so fast, hm?!).

Before I went, I thought I would stop by the old apartment, and return a CD of Ryan's back to him. It was nice getting to see them and talk a little bit. They even invited me to stick around awhile and hang out with them, but I declined, because I didn't want to get my vanishing cold germs infecting their apartment, and also I wanted to arrive at Inman's before it got much later. Though I wasn't the most happy while living at the apartment, standing there in the front foyer with the cats and discussing things over-all, with a lot of internet-based talk, really was pretty nice. I need to stop by more often.

While at Inman's, I met up with some people I honestly wasn't expecting. One was Tony Kueck, for any of you locals who know the guy. He's honestly a pretty cool guy, but unfortunately he's slightly inept with his social skills, and conversation is a tad hard at times...but really, he is cool. People need to give him a shot. Also I saw Katie! Whoo!! Meeting up with her was pretty unexpected, but it was nice to briefly see her. She was there with her fiance, they were bowling...which, now that I think about it, does sound pretty fun right now.... The other person I met, though, I won't give his name...and that's for a few reasons.

He came up to me, at first I wasn't able to recognize him, but then it finally sunk in, and I was pretty surprised at how he had changed physically. We talked a little bit, and it started to become clearer and clearer on what sort of person he had become over the years since I last had seen him.

"So...Mike. Do you party?"
"...no, I--"
"Drink? Eh?"
"No, I don't. Alcohol tastes like crap to me."
"Well, what about going to a party sometime, huh? You don't have to drink, just sort of hang out with everyone a little while. I'll definitely get a hold of you some time and we could go party."
"...ah, sure...."
"Yeah, they have some fine b$%@&s over there! Man, I'm telling you, you'll be there, and you'll be like...d*^%! ...oh man, I so have to get you drunk some time!"
"No, no, no...I don't get drunk. I won't. Ever."

As he continued to talk and pop up around me the rest of the night, it became clearer to me that he...actually had become the sort of person I wasn't interested in hanging out with. He had become a bad person. Always interested in getting drunk, go hang out with girls, girls, girls, party all night, loud and boisterous, insensitive--I could go on, but I'll stop. He's an okay guy, and I'm sad that I couldn't have treated him better while I knew him back in school. I only can wonder if I actually contributed to this somehow...but reminiscing and regretting won't bring about anything, I guess. The only thing I can do now is pray.

Anyways, I came back here to the Price household after I left Inman's (...Doubles are mine!), and have since mooched their internet. Gaia says it misses me. AMV.org says it wants new materials from me. Ryan says he made a new bot, and wants me to see it next time I'm on IRC. And Dr. Dre says--*suddenly gets hit in the head with a guitar*

Anyways, I'll finish this entry with a surprising discovery I made while delivering pizzas the other day. I'm able to turn/rotate my tongue counter-clockwise (to the left)...but not clockwise. Has anybody else noticed this about themselves? ...or...is my tongue just odd like that?

...hmm? =)
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