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Well, today was a serious let-down. Last night I stood and hung around with Chris and Amber (that's his girlfriend), plus some other dude (forgot his name, but he does works at Inman's!), watched some movies, and just basically talked a bit. ...and that "a bit" lasted awhile--I didn't get home until after 5:30. I set my alarm, then got some much-welcomed sleep, and just only needed to wait for the morn to come.

It never did for me.

At after 4 in the afternoon, I got a knock at my door from Mom telling me to get up. Apparently when my alarm went off at 9, Dad came in, turned off the alarm, and didn't even bother to wake me up. I'm sorry, but am I the only one who actually sees a problem with that? The alarm had been going off for fifteen minutes, he later reported to me, when he had turned it off. But for crying out loud, when somebody sets an alarm, isn't it for a reason that they would do that?! Dad didn't seem to regret his actions when I was trying to drill into him that I really, really wanted to get up to go to church that morning, and honestly I really wanted to talk to Dillon--a lot of things in my life have been bothering me lately. Darnit, today was just a waste. After I woke up at 4, I took a shower, then went and layed back in bed for two hours, just because there honestly was nothing else to do.

So in this sort of situation, there's usually one solution that works: go to the Price household. This place honestly is many a folk's depot here in Valpo. People stop in to borrow their internet, sleep for a bit, maybe stay a few days, or maybe even meet here with some other people. Chris made a nice illustration the other night of their status as people.

(recreated in mspaint view!)
Yeah, he's measuring people with the height of his hand

Anyways, tonight I met up with Chris and Amber once again while I was taking a small walk here through Valpo whilst waiting for a computer to free up at the Price's. We didn't do too much tonight, except visit my old apartment (they asked to), then went back to Amber's place to watch movies. And then Amber actually wanted to see the old "Bubblegum Crisis" video which I had picked up from the apartment when we stopped by. Old 80's anime never looked so...um...bad.... Actually, the anime itself wasn't bad--it's just that animation has improved so much since the 80's, and also the voice-acting on there was just one step up from the old Godzilla movies.

Anyways, over the past few days, I've gained two more readers to the journal, and actually both of them are artists. Both of them I met on Gaia, and one of them I see around in the normal thread I hang around on there. Her name's Keina/Ayname, and she's on Deviant Art too (...it's inhuman to be this skilled! o_O). If you want a sample of her art, click on the link below. ...just a warning, though...it'll send you into a diabetic coma if you look at it too long....

Too!!  Cute!!  Make it stop!!  o_O;;;

The other guy I know by "Antagon/Joe Mullins", who actually was a random fellow who helped me bump an artist's thread (she drew this for me; I put it as my signature in my last video). He's actually an all right guy! I look forward to seeing how his journal progresses. He sent me this picture as a demonstration of his Rembrandt-esque artist skillz.

And you all thought mspaint was worthless, didn't you!

Anyways, I think that's all I'll post tonight. Tomorrow...hopefully...my computer will be fixed, and then I can go on with my online life. Well...whatever happens, you'll likely be hearing from me still sporadically. You all take care, 'kay? :)
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