Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Quest for the Missing Comp, now in (not) IMAX

So today I worked. It was an okay day. I also picked up "Jade Coccoon" for the (original!!) Playstation; I think that Studio Ghibli worked on the anime sequences... Oh yeah! Speaking of which, the other night I rented "Jungle Emperor Leo", by Tazuka Osamu. It apparently is a classic of sorts, and was interesting to watch. It's worth a look, I suppose, but it really goes off the track from what one might think of it. People have accused the "Lion King" from ripping off of it, but the plot's way, way different. The reason this was rated PG by the...umm...MPAA (...do they do that stuff?!) was because there was death. Death, death, "hey, look, a small time character!! You got a close-up, now death" death. I'm serious. Of the twelve (sort of) main characters, only three of them lived to the end. It was like at just about every point, there was just another reason for somebody to die! ...'course...most of them were "bad" (...to some degree), but then three of the six "good guys" died. Even the ending was bittersweet; the sadness like a stabbing pain to my heart. ...literally. Anyways, the animation for this was okay, I suppose for its time, but at some points the fluidity actually turned out pretty well! ...though the art honestly isn't my type....

Well, I don't have much else to say, except go here and amuse yourself. I think you're about to find yourself laughing, though I think this is honestly one of the most innane things I've seen on the internet. Yup! :D
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