Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Days wasted

Another sparse update. My computer is still in the shop. Monday will have been two weeks that it's been in there--so much for "5 to 7 days..." >_<

Anyways, what's up, all? Once again I'm at the Price's borrowing their internet. These people sure are seeing a whole lot more of me than they did when my internet wasn't kaput. I've been seeing Adam, their newest temporary resident, a lot over here. He's an all right guy, and is in an awkward state right now, though honestly I don't really know all the details.

Anyways, hardly anything has transpired over the past few days. I went to work. I had two days off. And during those two days, I honestly didn't do anything. My sleep patterns have been acting up again. I didn't fall asleep on Thursday night until sometime around almost 10 in the morning, so that meant I didn't wake up till seven that night, which really wasn't cool, because I was supposed to go out and hang out with friends. Then Saturday I slept in late, woke up, and went straight to work. And then today I missed going to church, because I almost woke up at 4.

Personally, I think if I lived with people who actually were adamant about waking me up, and not just think "oh, sleeping until 4 in the afternoon is perfectly normal" I'd likely be okay. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. And it's not like I freakin' do this on purpose, either! I have a problem! Dangit, people, I've got a freakin' problem! My sleep patterns are not...normal!

...rrgh, hate it when people think me lazy or some such....

On another note, I beat "Jade Coccoon". It didn't take long hardly at all, and now I've completely mastered it--there honestly isn't anything else to get in it. Also, the plot made no sense; this is one of the few games out there I've played whose whole plot was made up entirely of plot holes, plus it uses just about every other game cliché out there. Aside from the fact it was a pokémon rip-off, the gameplay was okay...but I honestly wouldn't recommend this game for play.

Anyways, off that subject, there's been something that's been bothering me about work lately. For anybody reading this who knows about the sort of thing...how much are pizza delivery drivers supposed to claim? I mean, I've been told from "10 percent" to "all of it" to "jack crap". So...anybody? It would really, really help me out about now....

Anyways, it's my turn with the lightgun game. Yay cheesy Dreamcast games! XD
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