Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

So...who else thought it's about time?

Well, I finally got a hold of Gateway the other day, and they informed me the harddrive was to come in today (Tuesday), and that the computer would definitely be ready to pick up on Wednesday morning. So now as I'm typing this, my computer is allegedly nice and cozy, as well as homesick, over there at the Gateway Store, ready and waiting to get picked up and brought back home. Mikey's Other Comp shall be home shortly!!

...or at least that's what Gateway told me.... -_-

You'll have to excuse me for being a bit hesitant and somewhat pessimistic about this, because I was told when I gave them my computer that it would take five to seven days. It's now currently been over two weeks. That isn't much a problem; I mean, we all do make mistakes. But I would have liked it if I would have been able to get through to the service department to talk to them about it, and find out what was going on. So, so many of my calls to there were either hit-or-miss. I didn't bother to count the times that I heard "The service department is currently helping another customer. We're sorry for missing your call. Please leave a message, and we'll do our best to get back to you." ...which also reminds me...why don't they have call-waiting installed...?! =\

Well, tonight was a regular night closing...except for the fact the roads were terrible to drive on. It snowed, and until the snow trucks were able to plow everything and the salt settled in, everybody on the road was driving like a severely near-sighted grandma. With all the slow traffic, pizza delivery slowed down to a crawl, meaning that we had bunches of work to do, and surprise, surprise (no sarcasm here), they didn't give me a break. They always give everybody a break. A half-hour out of everybody's schedule cuts down on their labor costs. That was sort of surprising....

I closed with a guy named Matt, who I'm not sure if I mentioned him before. He's the person I got hired in with, and we trained together basically. He's also all about the music. You can constantly, constantly finding this guy singing some lines from something. He brought in a CD he burned, consisting of a few bands I haven't heard of like "Something Corporate", plus a few I have, like "Dashboard Confessional" and the "Ataris". When we were leaving, he insisted I borrow the CD. ...it...honestly wasn't the sort of thing I normally listened to...but, eh, I accepted it just the same.

Afterwards, [name ommitted] and I went to someplace called "McDuffy's" for some late-night breakfast. She was hungry and wanted somebody to go along with, so she invited Matt and I, but Matt had studying to do. She was actually pretty cool to sit and talk to. ...and before you get ideas, she's 40-something, and has a husband and kids. She's neat, and she's honestly the only person I've ever, ever worked with who invited me to go do something after work, and even ended up treating me to food, though I was fully willing to pay for my two pancakes.

Anyways, onto another subject, there's been a lot of moral, ethical, financial, and political inward debate been going on with me lately. It deals with my reception of tips, but I think that I'll leave that for another rant session. I hope all of you out there who are reading this are doing well right now, and if you aren't, I'm fully willing to listen to ya. Just look up my user info on how to get a hold of me. Take care, all, and God bless.

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