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Dinner with jocks

"The VCR heads need cleaning", Patty told me. The tv with the built-in VCR in the living room had stopped working earlier, and a message flashed on there stating the situation. ...smart tv. I had just gotten home from work, and still had my flamboyant red-and-black jacket with the silver "Pizza Hut" logo on the back, and was talking with Mom and Patty about the movies she had rented--which now had become moot, what with the tv situation. Who else better to correct it than the "solitary electronics teen", the stereotype I reluctantly was bestowed as soon as I went past puberty.

"Well, I could set up the VCR from the back tv from you," I replied. "That should work." I led Patty back to the middle room, which had been vacant for some time. Video games were now played on Dad's...gimongous...tv, my internet connection was useless, and those two things (aside from also serving as my fortress of solitude), were the only purpose that room usually served for me. I opened the closed door and flicked on the light as I entered, still talking. "I could set it up fine in here, then I could show you how to use it."

"But we don't want to watch it in here! Can't you set the VCR up in the front room?"

"Yeah, I could. I'd--"

On the floor in the sleek black-and-silver casing lied a familiar sight--one that had been missed. The featureless face was flipped open, revealing it's circular power button, the rom drives, and the two USB ports...all now revitalized and waiting to feel resurgence of power. The casing stood mightily against the surrounding miscellaneous room debris, a tower rising from the featureless masses.

"...e-excuse me...."

I lunged forward, kneeling down with a suddenness that made Patty gasp in surprise. I wrapped my arms around my long absent piece of computing hardware, Mikey's Other Comp, and with my cheek smushed against the side I closed my eyes, patting the back of its cold case.

"I missed you!!" I squealed. "I missed you~!! I did, I missed you so much!!" I hugged it tighter, the base moving slightly and grazing the carpet. After over a month, I finally was going to get back on the internet with my own computer in my own house. I could make anime music videos again. I could update my journal (...maybe...?) when I felt like it again. I could have access to my e-mail when I chose, I could use my instant messenger without having to share, I could get my obscure songs, I could play a game here or there again, and I had my own home connection to the internet once again!!

"...geez you're strange...." Patty muttered....

Today started an average day, aside from me going on two hours of sleep. Last ni--morning, I got home after I wrote my last entry at a little past 7, and behind me as I drove home, the sun was rising, giving life to beautiful shades of orange and pink against the sky and clouds. As soon as I got home, I got in bed just in time as Dad woke up to let the dogs out and start his day. Two-and-a-half hours and one weird dream later, Dad woke me up loudly, and I managed to drag myself to work.

From 10:30 until 3, I was constantly on the road with no pause whatsoever in-between. My manager Liz was stressed because of some goings-on, which may or may not been her fault. 5:30 they gave me a break, and I got to sit down and actually talk with another Pizza Hut employee by the name of Eric. He was a veteran of the Hut of 'Za, now being a manager at another place, and he actually was there the moment Liz had told me that I was hired.

"So, how's working at Pizza Hut?"

"It's getting worse!" I cheerily replied.

It was in some ways, but in other ways it also was getting better. There were still so many questions on many, many different levels I had about tips.

"Well, it was going to start anyways," he said, a happily amused tone to his voice. "When you first got hired, I had to tell you it was going to be great so that you would come in. Of course I wouldn't tell you it was going to be bad!"

I finished off the night a bit exhausted, and came home to my happily awaiting surprise. I honestly did miss my computer, which I'm guessing you fellow readers were able to surmise by now from my monotonous statements in my past entries. There was so much I needed to do, and which needed to be caught up on.

I didn't mess with my computer tonight, though.

I was going karaoke, baby!!

I went to Brewski's, where Kristy, my old neighbor, used to work, looking forward to getting a mic and making people cheer. ...but...it seemed I was an hour early....

So! Almost two hours and one Price household detour later, I came back, and things were started, as one lady stood in front of a large-screen tv singing something by Cher. On the way in, sitting in the booth right next to the entrance, were some people I didn't expect. One was Rodney [forgot the last name], who had been on the high school football team, and actually was a nice guy. He also had [I feel bad I forgot this guy's name, but he was wearing a black sweater!] with him, and also Mr. Taylor's (Wheeler High School's principal) son was there too! After I got done belting out my rendition of "Pretty Fly for a White Guy", they invited me to sit over with them.

It was nice being recognized in public, and even being invited to join a group for once. It's been so long I've been normally by myself while in public. But...even sitting with them, I still didn't fit in. ...and of course I wouldn't, because these three were the basic epitome of the archetypal jock. They drank their beers, talked about the girls "they banged, would bang, or were offered to bang", winning fights against anybody in the room, and also about their experiences with hang-overs, sports, and college. Rodney informed me he regrets not playing football in college. Apparently he was offered five different scholarships to play football for college, but turned them all down..."and it was because of a girl".

Poor dude. He was pretty skilled there on the field, and he was also a nice fellow who actually was one of the "jocks" of the school who was actually willing to want to know me, and also didn't treat me like an outsider like I had been subtly branded.

I sat there at their table quietly listening in, not often finding times to jump in and join the conversation. I just...couldn't; the things which they were talking about were so alien to me that I couldn't bring up personal experiences to share with them. "Banging girls and recovering from hangovers" were just something I've never experienced, even in the smallest way. The most I could offer was a "dang" when Mr. Taylor's son was talking about a fight.

Finally it came my turn to go onto the stage once more, and there, unfortunately without volunteered help, I gave the people of the restaurant a taste of "Bohemian Rhapsody"...sung by one man. It occurred to me tonight I still belong to a small, selective group of people. I won't ever be a jock, nor will I likely ever fit in normally with their crowd (thank God). I still hold it true that some of the best people I've ever met, whether in-person or online, I talk to on the internet. Here, I find people who are able to relate to me, and are interested in knowing me more than just because I was the football team's waterboy/manager. It's always pleasant to find people who I can see who know me, but 'ey, friends are friends. And if you're reading this...it's because you're one of them.

Thank you. =)
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