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Teh Psychoteers!! =)

It's 5:14 in the morning, and I'm awake. The sun is starting to come up out on the horizon; I can tell by the sky changing colors behind these black, angular roofs. Right now it's a mixture of pale, pale colors...blue fading to purple fading to grey fading to pinkish-orange with a shade of yellow...all the colors pale. The world lacks color outside my window. The trees and powerlines with their wires all are black, while the lower scenery is dark and muted and dead...or asleep. That's what the world is right now: asleep. Indeed, my roommate Ryan just woke up to go to work; I heard him open the door and plod down the hallway.

Inside my room, time stands still...or at least it moves very slowly. There are apparently two times only in here: the lamp on top of the tv is on or it's off. As the seasons have changed gradually over the course of these few months, that time has changed, but right now the light can be off from 6 a.m. till about 9 p.m. or so, and during the inverse, it's on.

Within this room, not much physically happens. Sometimes I might be sleeping or I'll be reading or I'll be on the computer. Those are really the only major things that happen in here. And time moves very slowly here. The various bits of laundry I never got to doing are still there on the floor. There's an empty 2-liter of Livewire lying not far from my feet. There are two Frito cardboard boxes in the corner, now empty of their original contents, save two empty cartons of Peter Pan peanut butter cracker sandwiches. There are two rocks that I retrieved from the beach which I wanted to give to Shira for a memento/souvenir/memory of me lying in the small space between those boxes and the foot of the bed which is resting against the wall beneath the window. I normally sleep with my feet facing the window, because if there was ever an earthquake while I was sleeping and my head was near the window, the glass would shatter and fall...and that would be very detrimental to my life. Here on my makeshift computer area, there are a couple rolls of Kodak Advantix film I took before I even moved into here, which haven't been developed yet. I don't remember what was on those. On the little table to the right--which actually is supposed to be a cart where I put the scanner and printer--rests articles which have been there almost since the week I first moved in. A little "perpetual motion" magnetic mobile with a glow-in-the-dark planet and a planet, both opposite from each other. It has long gone motionless, though; the battery went dead only a few days after I first put it in a couple years ago. Next to that is a mini-tower cd holder, holding various cd's I had picked up a few years back. On top is...Moby's first cd ever. It isn't great, actually. Below that cd is Nick's "Command and Conquer"...which he wanted me to install back when I first got this computer back in 9th grade...but I haven't yet returned it to him. I keep forgetting about it...I'll need to remember to give that to him when I see him next. Below that cd is "People Get Ready", which is a compilation of songs inspired by musicians from the awesome (awesome!!) series "Left Behind". I bought that while I was still working at Lemstone.

That reminds me, I'm sad they closed down. :(

There are a few other cd's in there I got during that time when I was working at Lemstone. There's Sonic Flood (whoo!!), Fanmail 2000 (whoo!!), Philmore (whoo!!)...and buried at the empty bottom is the cd case that had Jars of Clay (whoo!!), but the cd and the cover booklet are missing. Also over there is the cd by Trio...which I found at a used cd place and bought for $3. If you haven't heard of them, you're not alone. But you would recognize their music if you would think back a number of years to a car commercial where two guys are going down the street in their car, and they find a chair and pick it up on put it in their car, but then it stinks so they leave it by the side of the road again. And during that commercial, there was a song playing, with the vocals more spoken and in a monotone voice than anything. "Da da da [doot doot deet doot deet doot deet doot]...da da da [doot doot deet doot deet doot deet doot]...uh huh...uh huh...." If you were to find the cd of the people that did this for $3 and you had the money to spend, wouldn't you buy it? I never listen to it anymore...nor did I ever much listen to it. It sounds like a tempo from a synthesizer keyboard played with somebody speaking words...exactly like they did in that song you heard about...whatever car that was in that commercial.

In front of the magnetic glow-in-the-dark machine there is a letter I found the other day from my friend Andrea. It's on a sort of plastic paper which looks really fancy at the top, with a posed griffin and some fancy calligraphy imposed behind it. The letter starts out "Mikey!", then proceeds with the rest of the body, and finishes with the words "Have a great day!!*" and her name. She sent it to me some time ago, back when I first started going to college back in September. I wanted to write her back...but it was one of those tasks that kept being pushed back in my mind until I forgot about it. ...speaking of which, Andrea is also on Livejournal, I've just discovered. She's added me to her friends list, so I suppose that makes four actual other people that I've connected to my friends list, begrudgingly or not (sorry about that, Josh, and the Nolans're still cool!! *avid fan!*). I knew her back in high school, then afterwards we discovered and rediscovered each other online. A friendly and outgoing attitude, accompanied by plenty of openness and a down-to-earth but still whimsical outlook, she's pretty cool. And I know she's reading this too, so....hiiiiii!! *spastically waves an arm*

On my walls are the Taco Bell poster, a mini Tenchi Muyo (that's an anime) poster, as well as a larger one as well which is actually, though not many catch it, a parody on a Star Wars poster, which Fallon actually got me for my graduation open house (thanks a lot, Fallon ;) ), a blended sun and moon I picked up in Mexico, and my Dance Dance Revolution pad, having long stopped functioning...mm, well the up arrow, at least. My windows look out onto Acadamy Street, and are positioned right next to the entrance to the building, so as people come and go to their cars in the parking lot adjacent (...if I remember any geometry terms...) to the building. Above the windows line a string of Christmas lights I mean to eventually wrap all the way around my room; one end hangs to a socket while the other goes along the wall and rests in a pile behind my computer table. One of the blinds doesn't go down any more, so I have to put the white, blue, and black blanket I bought in Mexico over the window, hanging by a jutting metal piece from something that oncec was there and a nail. In that window, when I first moved in, a sizeable wasp nest began slowly amassing size, but it was eventually killed off by canned-under-pressure sprayed pesticides. The remnants of it are still there, a dirt hive hanging awkwardly, but its residents are long-gone. A single lone wasp actually returned when winter was gone and spring was here, and hovered and flew around the area outside my window, then got into the closed window area and walked about the screen, then one day before I left for work I found it here inside my room walking on the glass on the other window. I closed the door, and when I returned, I didn't know where it went to...until I found it dead on the windowsill. What happened to it (my roommates and cats weren't in here, I'm sure), I don't know if I'll ever know.

And then, filling the nook of a space between the entrance and my closet is my large wooden clothes cabinet, with pseudo brass handles on the double doors, inlaid with ornamental grooves running a single strip down the whole length. On the top of that is my parents' vcr to the old big television, which was a pain to use on there anyways, so they gave it to me.. On top of that is my grandma's small television, fitting perfectly on top of the vcr, with the tiny remote someplace on top of the television. Then on top of the tv a brass lamp that Fallon exchanged me for my other one I was given when I first moved here. It has these cords with small beads arranged around the circumference of the shade in a patterned way. Sitting right next to that is my Ultraman alarm clock, which is a "chibi" (miniaturized in a cartoon fashion, usually anime style) version of the Japanese pop culture icon giving the "victory" sign with one hand while the other is on his waist, and the clock is on his chest/belly area. Then on the other areas on top of my cabinet is a glass which still needs to be washed which once contained water, an eggnog candle Fallon gave to me from a set she bought back in December, my contact solution which I never use anymore because my contact (singular; there used to be two, but now there's just one, because the other one tore back in October, and if you expect me to pay for contacts in my financial state now, you're crazy; wearing these old glasses is free, and besides, it's better) is starting to see its last days here, a Sonic the hedgehog bank, a tied wire to my 8x Dreamcast memory card, my temporarily retired Advantix camera, an orange rock from Lake Michigan (ever seen a pure orange rock from one of the Greak Lakes? yeah, me neither...till I found it), and some Tootsie rolls I got from Centier Bank when I saw that they had other flavors there besides just chocolate.

On the floor next to the closet lying against the wall is a couple empty shoeboxes, my old Sega cd system (the newer one), with a tin on its side with puppies with Santa hats on which used to hold popcorn which my parents gave me for Christmas, my bike helmet, some slippers, Sega controllers, mini videotapes meant to be put in an adapter, and...hey, Mickey Mouse ears with a pin of Ed ("hiiiiiiiii!! ^_^") attached.

This definitely fits the description of "bachelor pad", doesn't it...?

Then here at the computer table/desk, it's a table of sorts with a sliding tray for the keyboard and just squarely enough room underneath for my feet to be with plenty of room to move about. The computer fits perfectly on top, with equal room on both sides, flanked with Gateway speakers. A microphone on the right, an old telephone on the left, and a monitor on top accompanied by a cd and a miniature Yoda, one of the only souvenirs I purchased while in Florida.

Meanwhile, next to my computer desk/table, lying on top of a mess of cords and colored Christmas bulbs lies Ed (the kitten) sleeping soundly, dreaming the dreams that kittens do.

I stood up late last night watching "U.H.F.", Weird Al's movie from back in 1989. That movie seemed so dumb at first...but then I just watched it and let myself laugh at the small jokes that were made here and there. I didn't think it was too bad, actually. It had that one girl from Saturday Night Live in there...the one that was in the sort of old cast...with blonde hair...oh! Victoria Jackson. She's cool. Did you know she's a Christian? Yeah!!

I also discovered that Weird Al's name really isn't "Yankovich, but rather Yankovic...without the "h" at the end. Yank--o--vic. Vic.

I came online during the night and thought to go look around a little bit, and I came upon a site I hadn't visited for quite some time: the Psychoteers website. This is a manga (anime comic) which is written by a girl who goes by the name Psycho Ann. I found out she was a member of Ujournal and not Livejournal, and I was actually tempted to go join that journal service instead, because I wanted her as one of my friends. Then I figured the next-best thing to do would probably be to post it on here instead, so I don't make people go through more histories and journals. Psycho Ann has a really great style of drawing that, to tell you the truth, reminds me of the artwork from the Marvel vs. Capcom games. She also manages to attach a meaningful message to each of her stories without causing it to become cheesy and she makes sure it stays inventive, deep, and very much quite entertaining! I'm surprised her artwork isn't more well-known!

Oh yeah.

Visit the site, man!!

This is just a must-see site, I'm serious. Really...really awesome place. You don't hear me get this passionate about too many things, Livewire aside.

Anyways, an hour from when I first started, semi-diligently working during this time while also conversing briefly with Andrea before I had to take a small break to take Ryan to work and grab a donut from Chuck's Bakery (w00000t!). And now outside, I see the world slowly starting to wake up. Color is returning to the world, as the leaves in the tree are now beginning to emerge from the night in a shade of green, while the grass is also regaining its color. Across the street is a bush with big, round purple flowers--I can see them now. The houses are now looking distinguishable from one another; one has large, roughtly hewned white brick and aluminum siding mixed around the place, and the one next to it just has normal white aluminum siding. The telephone poles are now gaining texture, instead of just being tall monoliths portrayed against a newly born morning sky.

And with that note, I'll press the post button and be on my way. Today is going to be a great day, I'm sure of it. I plan to help Nick move the last of his belongings, treat Dillon to a Chinese buffet downtown (only $5 when they open at 11! hoo-yeah!), hopefully see my parents, and eventually be at work at 6:45 tonight, then to finish off this waking day with sleeping as soon as I get home, hopefully to wake up at a reasonable (before 11, hopefully...? o_O) time tomorrow. I believe this is where I push Post. See you folks later, and God bless! :)
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