Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

It's a beautiful day...don't let it get away~

So! Today I delivered pizzas. Yayyyyy. Without running into militant drug rings. Yayyyy. And they let me out ten minutes early. Yayyyyy. And when I got home, I was greeted by a nice movie on tv ("A Few Good Men") and a nice beef-and-cheddar from Arby's. Today, actually, has shaped up quite nicely.

This morning, my alarm clock actually went off (wow...!), and I was able to go to church. Dillon preached a nice sermon; it was on "authentic Christianity", which is, unfortunately, the world sees too little of today. So many people out there think Christians are all about getting money, living by little rules, fearing some big invisible man in the sky...and it's like hardly anybody knows what Christianity really is about nowadays. The love that's supposed to be shown today just isn't, and now most of society looks down on Christians. I really don't know if this is true or not, but something on the radio I heard said that as far as a "respectable" hierarchy goes in America, evangelicals are near the bottom of the list, between lesbians and prostitutes.

Really goes to show why we need authentic Christianity nowadays, doesn't it?

Anyways, on Valentine's Day, I was still bitter about it all and kept to my guns. So in celebration of this hated day, I stopped by my ex-girlfriend and friend Jessica's place, and since we both hated Valentine's Day, I asked her if she would be my "we both know Valentine's Day is a sham employed by Hallmark and flower companies, and all it does is make single people feel bad, plus couples should show their affection for each other every other day of the year instead of just on Valentine's Day" Valentine. Then I gave her a rose I put in a styrofoam cup which I drank Pepsi from the previous night, as well as a 2-liter of Mountain Dew Livewire, so everything went according to plan...sort of.

"I...I think I'm going to cry...!" she said while looking at the rose and cradling the 2-liter dearly.

"Ummm...that's not supposed to happen...."

She then gave me hugs, we talked a little bit, she told me a bit about Final Fantasy X-2, then I had to head back home to get ready for work. She said she had the day off tomorrow, and wanted to know if I might be able to hang out. I don't have anything to do until 2, so possibly, possibly. Besides, she's wanted to see "Interstella 5555" ever since she saw Daft Punk's anime videos. Plus she can be the third person to have seen my newest music video, made from Sonic the Hedgehog movie footage. Kenny Loggin's "Top Gun" soundtrack and miscolored spiney mammals never went so well together.

And I don't know if any of you have been looking up recently, but as of late I've been noticing how pretty the sky is. I'm serious! I've noticed the sunsets have just been gorgeous. While the sun is sinking into the horizon as orange-yellow fire, the sky behind it is a dark neon red, while the clouds are painted beautiful blues and pinks. The clear night sky tonight was great. Against the backdrop of large snowflakes falling here and there, the atmosphere was a dark, dingy purple mixed with a hint of orange, while puffy clouds were a few shades lighter, while going together from the plumes of smoke coming from the smoke stacks from the steel mills in the distance. And on my break today, the sky was dotted with messes of clouds, but the sun shone out brightly from behind some, casting visible rays out, making an exact scenario of paintings of heavenly and angelic scenes.

Maybe it's just because I'm always outside and on the road. Or maybe it just isn't something I've noticed before. Or maybe our weather has just been so bleak and grey that this sudden change seems so grand. I don't know. Or maybe I'm just being sappy. At which point, I would invite anybody in the area to come over and feel free to punch me in the face.

Anyways, I'm hoping to get my digital camera working again soon, so I can start getting pictures onto here, as well as get my webspace working once more. Anyways, until I write again, adieu and such. Take care of yourselves...and each other.

...and if it wasn't Jerry Springer who said that last line, it could've actually been touching. >_
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