Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Come back to me....

I just saw that the Edward music video I did is being downloaded from me at the moment...and that this guy already had a portion of it downloaded before. This means he downloaded it from somebody else. And this means...the video's getting around! It's being shared!! Many people are sharing it on the internet! Multiple and multiple copies exist, and they keep on getting replicated, being downloaded by people who upload it to more people in an endless trend! Bwahahahaha, my monster has been set loose upon the internet! The infection has been spreading! It can't be stopped!! XD

...geez, seeing something you did becoming widely shared, when you thought that all your talents were sentenced to be mundane for the rest of your life, is a nice feeling I honestly never thought to see.... Ever.

w00t, and such.

...maybe next, they'll download my Ein video, with the Welsh Corgi barking "Jingle Bells"! The internet needs more healthy, haf-sane material like that...ah, doesn't it...? XD
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