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Chinese peopoles...Japanese peopoles...internet peopoles...throw yo' hands up!!

Well, my life's taken a turn for the semi-interesting, as of late. My fourth video...yes, folks...it's completed. ...well...sorta.... Just needs touching up and such.

But something's come to my attention on the AMV scene, as of late.... Two things. One, there is a "famous" video creator who's done such things as put a trailer to "Army of Darkness" to anime footage (Vash the Stampede is Bruce Campbell, folks...), as well as a "chibi" version of the musical Camelot number from Monty Python's "Holy Grail". So~...this dude who goes by "Sailor Death"...of all the places upon God's green earth...lives in Portage, Indiana. And I live in Portage, Indiana. What the crap?!

I hope to meet him some time, actually! Maybe treat him to free pizza. He seems like a cool guy. ^_^

Also, there's another fellow on there who...well, honestly, is taking all my ideas! Except he had them first! But...but I did! Gaghhhh!! Well...I had an idea to do a Less Than Jake video some day, with the song "We're All Dudes" (hey!), but then I found out he already did one! Plus he was the only other person on the site to do a video of Ein. Plus he was one of the only people on the site to use footage from that "Interstella" movie. Plus he is only one of two people on that site to have used an obscure anime I had an idea to ues in a video...and that other person happens to be Sailor Death! Blargh!!

Anyways, it's also sort of weird, because this guy...who unknowingly thwarts me at every turn...is actually also a Christian! He's one of the only people on that site to have made "Christian anime music videos", and honestly they aren't bad! I was hoping to some time make some specifically Christian music videos in the future, once I had the components and resources to do so. But apparently this guy's already on the ball. Maybe we're both being given the same ideas by God...? o_O

Well, as far as today has gone, it's...well, it was a day. It was a day where I passed out by the computer last night, and woke up this morning with a sleeping bag resting on me as a blanket. I finished the video in question, took a quick shower, then scurried off to work, where I got disrespected from customers and manager! Just letting you folks know, this normally doesn't happen, but today it did. But it doesn't bother me, because my manager was really stressed from everything going on, and the customers...well, one was just sort of seemed to me like a rude, ranting...well, fool. He walked over from across the street when I went to the house, then pounded on the door, cursing and muttering under his breath, then going to the window and calling his own kids morons in the worst derogatory way possible, then got mad at me when he tried to grab away my pizza pouch. He was an unfriendly son of a gun.... Don't any of you ever get like that, all right?!

...it scared me later on when I looked at his check that he actually had a wife...!

Anyways, work kept me longer than I expected. I was supposed to potentially stopped by Nick's place afterwards, but there were a few contributing factors. Nick goes to bed pretty early, and I wouldn't have been able to do too much with him after I'd gotten out. Plus I told him I could grab a pizza for him and his girlfriend, but with the way things were going at the time...nuh uh, no way was that to happen.... Plus also a friend in Valpo needed a ride to get back home. So...that sort of fudged things there. I suppose I'll finally get to hang out with Nick's girlfriend and him...at...some other day then...?

And that thought leads into the next one. Whilst out in Valpo, concerning myself with the ride in question, I also went to Inman's. Clad in my Pizza Hut uniform and bright red jacket with the silver company logo on the back, I played DDR and actually had some nice conversation. A guy named Justin, of whom I'm sure will eventually read this (hiiii!), and I stood next to the machines talking about jobs, Cowboy Bebop, and anime in general. Yes, folks, we did seem like the epitome of geek-ness...but it's okay, because it was enjoyable, and the guy was intelligent. Plus we're also ub3r fans of Edward. ^_^

Afterwards I returned here to my darkened house, kept company only by the...um...2-liter of Mountain Dew Livewire nearby, as well as my internet pals. Steph and Kleine, being of the names, but to whom unfortunately I wasn't able to talk well, being tired. Also I got to have a nice, fun conversation with a more recently acquired pal o' mine by the name of "Biccy" (I think I mentioned the dude before). I imagine there's something I've been needing to take care of online...but...I can't quite remember what....

Anyways, I'm ending this entry for now. Take care, folks.

Edit: Listen to Shaun's radio broadcast, daggumit!!
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