Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

More writing. Nothing entirely specific.

Earlier tonight my internet connection briefly died on me. I was in the middle of talking to somebody by the name of "Liquid silk" through WinMX, discussing DDR. This fellow messaged me, thanking me for allowing him/her to download a few songs, and told me I was one of the reasons WinMX works. I...honestly don't get many messages like that, so it was only natural for me to respond.

But after a few exchanges, my internet blinked out, and I was left by my lonesome for...I don't know. It might have been a half-hour. Possibly an hour. I don't know. I remember walking to the kitchen to grab myself some moosetracks ice cream, added with some chocolate syrup put on top, and glancing outside a moment into the dimly lit black night. I couldn't help but wonder if my internet went out because of something going on at Comcast, or possibly something with the wiring, or something technical above my head, or if maybe something drastic had happened, and maybe war someplace was ensuing, and this was the beginning of the end. I didn't know, because my connection to the world for the moment had been severed. But I didn't let my thoughts faze me; I sent a small prayer up to Heaven and continued on my way with my bowl of threatening-to-overdose chocolate.

It sort of reminds me in a way of the other night, though. After the heavy rains had come and hit, and I was back on the road in the cool and moist aftermath of it all, I delivered a pizza to a guy in Salt Creek who actually was pretty friendly, then I went back to my car. Around me the sky was shrouded, with no stars to be seen. I then looked up, and there, right above me, was the moon, only half-full, piercing the veil of low-lying quickly blowing clouds. The sight of the moon, despite the liquidy doom and gloom that zoomed toward us away from the moon, shining hard through the dark night and thick clouds and reflecting the sun's rays on the other side of our planet, just made me stop a moment...and smile. I chuckled, staring up at the moon and turning around and looking at it still, there in the middle of the street. It..just was beautiful.

Today I worked, and honestly the day wasn't that spectacular, in my opinion. The weather, though, I did like. It sprinkled out there tonight, small droplets collecting on my windshield and layering the landscape mosit. Despite people's aversion to rain, whatever its form might be, I actually liked this weather, and wasn't hesitant to let people know. I found the cool air and refreshing water from the sky to be a blessing and a nice change of pace for the cold, monotonous rut that our countryside had recently gone through. Also, I think even though the snow had melted and soaked our ground, the earth was also in need of a nice rainfall.

I don't know what the weather tomorrow is going to be like. I hope it's nice out. Warm, spring-like weather, maybe in the 50's, always makes the effort to go and cheer me up. The feeling of the air against the skin of my now-bared arms, as well as the feeling that I can go outside once more freely without having to worry about excess insulation, is just an invigorating feeling to me. Maybe soon even warmer weather will come, and I can resume my habit of forsaking shoes and footwear basically wherever I go, even with walking and driving, maybe?

Lately I've been trying to download episodes of "FLCL" to make my newest music video idea, but I'm having some problems. I keep finding episodes that have subtitles on them, when what I want is just pure, raw footage. I'm hoping this odd download I found with odd Japanese characters in the name will be what I'm looking for. Also, I was thinking about buying "In the Name of Love" tomorrow. It's a CD that features only and exclusively U2 covers. I'm buying it because of Sanctus Real's "It's a Beautiful Day", but I also want to hear the rest of the CD, because...

U2 is awesome!

Anyways, I'm heading to bed soon enough. It's already after 4, and I need to brush my teeth. Chocolate doesn't sit well, I'm sure, when left upon your teeth and transformed into acidic dentine-eating plaque by the digestive juices of saliva in your mouth.
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