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Finding friendly conversation and friendly eating habits

I like how events recently have been playing out. It's not often that things go just about completely according to plan, but since about yesterday, things have. It started at just before 10:30, and my alarm had been going off and on for almost the whole time. I lied there half-away, contemplating whether to get up or not when I received a phone call I had been waiting for. I climbed to the end of my bed and grabbed the receiver, and grunted a, "...hello?"

"'Mornin'," was the reply. "You sound like you just woke up too." It was Darrell. I had gotten a hold of him a few days before, and it turned out that we both had Thursday off, so we decided to go hang out then. It had literally been years since we just took a day off and spent it together...doing...well...basically playing games, talking, and possibly going some places. He stopped by about noon, and from there we scoured amv.org for videos he wondered if anybody made, as well as showed me some PS2 games he had bought.

After Mom making dinner of yummy burgers and chili, we stopped by Inman's, since he had wanted to go there for awhile, ever since they had gotten the other DDR machine in. Back at home possibly two hours later, we watched a movie, then basically discussed life's issues, as well as the rpg's. Who ever knew a discussion involving rpg's, anime, and somehow as well as talking about calling somebody up while they are in the middle of having sex, could last until almost 4:30 in the morning. ...and no, Sketchee...there was no romance. We're sorta both against that....

Darrell's an all right guy, and I'm glad he's been making an effort to go hang out more. I've known him since way, way early grade school...I think first grade...and though he's gone through changes here and there over the years, he's still mostly the same guy as I remember him to be. I remember my old roommate Fallon once said that "your lifelong friends usually can be counted only on one hand". I think Darrell's on there.

Anyways, today I woke up at about 7:30...with a terrible feeling in my stomach. I woke up in my futon of a computer chair feeling like I was ready to..."get sick", yarf, hurl, throw up, barf, review yesterday's dinner, etc., etc. I clammored to my own room into my bed, and just either wanted to go back to sleep, being that I was horrendously tired, or I wanted to throw up and get the feeling out.

Thankfully, I passed out in not too long a time.

My dad woke me up at 2, and this has been one of the few instances where I was actually glad I slept so long. I really needed my sleep, and thankfully it refreshed me, as well as took the bad feeling out of my stomach...though that didn't get rid of whatever was bothering me. For the rest of the night, I was frequenting the bathroom...though...actually, now that I think about it, you likely didn't want to hear about my bathroom habits.... Shut up, you're think wrong!!

Anyways, after work I stopped by Inman's, got hugged by Wade, Chris, Amber, and some random people who I have no idea who they were. I just know they were friendly. :D Friendly people are cool. I like hugs.
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