Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm coming out of the closet. I'm really...a fanboy -_-

I've discovered something over the past few weeks.... You shouldn't drink Mountain Dew as a beverage before you're about to go to bed. Apparently I had forgotten why I bought the stuff in the first place.... ^_^;;

Anyways, hello once more, internet folks. I'd like to write about recent happenings in my life...except actually not much has happened. This week...I've been working. A bunch. Except not actually a bunch, but just enough so I'm kept busy during the day, plus my work schedule is place exactly so that I don't do much, if anything, during the day, and after I get off work it's too late to do stuff with most people. Pizza Hut is cruel...but not on purpose, really.

Anyways, a few noteable events have happened over the past few days. I'll start out with saying it's a silent rule on LiveJournal that if you do something "i.r.l." with another LJ member and that person writes about it...you have to mention it as well, or be a selfish little entry monkey and say nothing! ...well...anyways, the other night I was heading out towards Hammond, so I burned a CD before I left, then stopped by Katie's (wishfulkatrina) place to say "hi". What I expected to be a brief conversation, give her the CD, maybe give a hug, turned into two hours of hanging out with two hours of conversation with her and Greg. They have an awesome place. :D

Plus I remembered an anime she had said she liked (if not "the" anime, back in the day.... "I will punish you!"), so I put a few of those vids onto there, and showed her. It's really great to see that anime isn't something that's looked down upon anymore, and people can enjoy it to some extent. It was nice to hear her laughing as Sailor Moon appeared on Jerry Springer (please don't ask, just download the vid), as well as seeing the epitome of every sugar-hyped, psychotic pre-teen girl being...the epitome of every sugar-hyped, psychotic pre-teen girl all to a classic revelry. Enjoy, Katie. I'll return your "Five for Fighting" CD in not too long. ...then I'll bring a CD with the anime version of "Army of Darkness" on it.

And speaking of said trailor, it was done by Sailor Death, of whom I've mentioned before. And...well, I actually called the guy up the other day. He had put his last name on his profile, so I looked him up and called the internet semi-celebrity. It actually was a short conversation.... What else are you supposed to go on, when the conversation is, "Hey, is [his real name] there?" "Yeah, hold on...*pause*...hello?" "Hey [his real name goes here]. This might be an odd question, but are you Sailor Death from amv.org?" "Yeah, I am." "Ahh, all right. I just saw you lived in the same town as me, and wanted to see if you were the same guy." "Oh yeah, I got your e-mail. Sorry, been to busy to reply." awkward pause! "...so...ah, how long've you been making videos?"

About twenty seconds later, I ended the conversation. I was hoping a mutual love of anime music videos could bring some light to some conversation, or maybe meeting up and having a burger at Wendy's or something...but we just ran out of fuel. Plus I had to leave anyways (was heading to Katie's! :D ). He e-mailed me later, actually, saying I got him in the middle of a nap, so that might explain it...blagh.... I feel like a friggin' stalker now; is that normal? >_<

Anyways, Chris's girlfriend was in the mood for making bracelets with the different types of beads she had, so she made me one. It makes me quite happy, actually...it's not often, if ever, people give me random gifts (thanks, Biccy and Astro!! I really mean it!! ^_^ ). It's a string of different kinds of round, yellow smiley faces. She put those on, because of my "trademark" smiley, which she always thought was cute. (for those who know what series I'm talking about, think Edward's smiley thing, without the circles on the cheeks).

Anyways, also on another note, I've recently been becoming better friends with somebody who I've actually known for over a year...except I just saw him at Inman's, basically. I always thought of him as "Sephiroth", because he had long, white-dyed hair, and reminded me a bunch of the villain from "Final Fantasy 7" (...I won't get into that now...). Last May, I went to that convention, and actually, unknown to me, his sister became one of my pals while there...or at least somebody with whom I could hang out, and at least know they're pretty cool. Now, almost an entire year later, we've started talking, and it turns out we both have a love of anime music videos too! ...geez, what is it with people I'm finding who like these things...? Anyways, he's a cool guy. I'm rooming with him and eight other people while at the anime convention in May.

Geez, listen to this entry! I'm starting to sound like an anime fanboy! ...well, I sort of was before...but it wasn't too big a part of my life. I guess it's all come out in this one entry, though...eh heh.... Anyways, my ankle is itching, and I think I have to be at work in less than seven hours, so I think I'm going to try sleeping. I've had peanut butter and crackers, plus no Livewire! I think this should be conducive to me sleeping a bit.... Take care, people. :)
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