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Why Japanese folks have the best tv episode names

The other day I got an unexpected e-mail from a girl from amv.org. She thanked me for reviewing her "Samurai Pizza Cats" video, I responded, a short dialogue ensued, and I ended up getting some links to some related sites. They had some downloadable episodes on there...and that got me to thinking--I could make a video!! :D !! Yes, I know there's likely some of you out there who care less about these darn-fangled "videos" I keep mentioning, but hey, it's a hobby that I found I can do well, and for 21 years I've been trying to find something like this. Please give me a break. :(

Anyways, off rant, I went to a part of one of the sites, and they had a listing of all the episodes...as well as their names, both English and Japanese. Going from the listed above thought in the title of this entry, here are two of my favorite titles from the list....

"Tomrrow is going to be a beautiful day"

"Unpleasant! We are banished to an island!"

Bahahahahahaha!! XD I'm sorry. I find the second one very, very amusing. The first one is just cool. I like that one. The second makes me laugh. And anyways, for those of you who like DDR music, you're likely going to want to stone me for the music I'm going to use for this anime...but that's okay. Just wait until I've finished and uploaded it onto the internet for others to see and download before you start casting stones...please?

Anyways, today...was a nice day. A lot of interesting things happened. It all started...at 9:28 this morning, when I realized I had to be at work in two minutes. I'm peeled myself out of my bed, having slept little the night before, because I was watching my newly downloaded "Samurai Pizza Cats" episodes...and went to work bleary eyed. That's when I found out I didn't have to be at work for another hour--10:30. Oops. So~ I went back home, and had breakfast...which is honestly something I haven't done in a very, very long time. And it was a tasty breakfast too! Three strips of bacon, cooked in grease until it was a wrinkly, crinkled piece of a strip of pig meat (...whatever part it is...), as well as a pancake with warm syrup (the syrup was warm! :D !) poured on it. Plus the obligatory milk. I like breakfast!! :D !!

At work, the phones were down. ...well, we didn't find this out until some time quite later in the day, but for most of the early part of the day, the phones weren't working properly, and that meant delivery drivers (i.e., myself and Nick, i.e., Adam Hanley's long-lost brother--for those of you in the know, I'm still quite sure of this...!) didn't go on very many deliveries at all, and therefore weren't tipped much (I had a few dollars in my pocket by the time things were being fixed, and normally there's multiple, multiple more amounts in there by that time....

They made me go to the Loew's parking lot and put flyer-coupon-paper things on just about all the people's windshields, and that made me feel dirty.... :( Then during my last delivery, God, I'm sure, acted. It was a routine delivery, just two pizzas to two different places, but after my first delivery in a small subdivision, somehow I got turned around and ended up going someplace I honestly didn't mean to go.... That took about five to ten minutes out of my driving time, and I got back to Pizza Hut just in time to get told it's time to clock out. I'm disheartened.

But more than disheartened, my bladder was about to burst from the gallon of Mountain Dew I'm sure I put back today (it was a slow day! what else was I supposed to do while working around the restaurant?!). I fled to the restroom whilst my manager Donna did...something, I don't know. I quickly caught a glimpse of a guy washing his hands who seemed somewhat familiar, but I didn't pay attention. After making my bladder happy, I went back out and scanned the sea of customer faces to see if it was him who I had seen...and actually it was. It was Jake, the youth pastor of Eastlake Baptist, the church where I had gone for a few years. I talked to him and his wife a little bit, and found they had a baby. I remember her middle name was "Laura"...but I forgot the first name. Dangit. :\

Jake then told me he heard that Dillon (my pastor, Dillon...like I know anyone else by that name o_O ) apparently had been feeling he was meant to go to Chicago. Now I don't know the exact who, what, and why behind all this...but the past two Sundays I have been having problems with my sleeping patterns, and haven't gone to church...though honestly it's mostly my fault. I need to give Dillon a call tomorrow, during some time decent, when I can ask him about all this, as well as the proposed church trip to Chicago on Sunday. What's going on...I honestly don't know. But yes, folks, I'll keep you all posted and up-to-date on this. I'm actually pretty anxious about this, because I don't want Dillon to leave! He's been such a great, great friend to me all these years, and actually has been the one person I know who I can call about anything. He was my last-last person to call. When I lost my job at the first Wendy's and felt suicidal, I called him. When I found out my grandpa passed away, I called him. He's somebody close to the Lord, and he's got such a great air about him, and has a great soul and compassionate heart. Dillon, in short...is the man.

I hope he doesn't leave. But if God is telling him he's needed in Chicago...I won't stand in his way. Who knows what'll happen?

Anyways, earlier today, right after I had finished breakfast and watching a Samurai Pizza Cats episode in Japanese before I headed to work, I got a phone call. "Hello?" the standard American phone greeting went. I was greeted by a trademark "'Mornin'." It turns out Darrell had the late evening off from work and wanted to get together. I told him I was planning on going to Inman's. He was down with it.

And down did he get. We got to Inman's, and after an unexpected, close brush with a fight almost breaking out...first I'd ever seen at Inman's (no, 'twasn't me, don't worry), things were resolved, things were patched, and time, soda, and cookies shall heal the wounds (got it, Justin?!). Darrell and I played DDR, both of us fashioning our newly acquired goggles from Nika's Costumes (they're in NJ; I think I'm going to become a possible regular with them.... ^_^ ), we got down with DDR, and I almost passed "Can't Stop Falling in Love, Speed Mix". Seconds away! Darrell then heard me shortly rant much in the car. Rar.

The Friday night DDR group planned to meet at Broadway Cafe for...well, apparently it turned into sitting around discussing shows and videogames, as well as a brief discussion of tearing into the Bible. I heard the normal rhetoric with that--"it was re-written so many times", "just a book", "sheeple", "I'm going to laugh at 'the Passion'", "the Bible isn't meant to be taken literally", etc. I quietly listened, sipping my Mountain Dew. I didn't speak up, because I wasn't prepared for a debate, and also I've learned that a battle with words doesn't exactly always convince people. Plus, I heard the normal stereotyping. While it does bother me some hearing people talk like this, I can live with it. But still, hearing people carelessly and mean-spiritedly talk about Christianity right in front of me without giving a thought that someone might find it offensive really put me off from them. It's like making racist comments when there's a man in your midst who has a black parent, or bashing gays when somebody right there is gay, or saying all Republicans suck and everyone of them and their family should curl up and die with that miserable president in the White House when actually somebody in their midst is Republican (f.y.i., I'm independent ^_^ ). Just come on, people! Use your head, and think before you speak so carelessly! >_<

I know I've said this plenty of times in past entries, but I believe because I've researched. I am a born-again Christian, because I have done the research, and have found hardcore, irrefutable evidence that God exists and the Bible is real, not because I was raised that way or gone to church my life or am "brainwashed" or "want to be the best little Christian that I can be". And yes, I've read what non-believing/anti-Christian people have militantly read, I've heard what they've heard, I've seen the arguments they've argued very, very in-depthly, and I myself am very much a logical, thinking man. I refuse to follow or believe in anything unless I see all evidence provided with it. After years of researching and reading, I've found God to be proven to be true. Plus, as much as people might think this to sound crazy, I even know Him too. I can feel Him in my heart...and there He speaks to me, ever since I had invited Him to come into my heart during that fair. I read His Word too, and when quietly sat down and with an analyzing and skeptical mind I read, and every time what might sound like contradiction is proven otherwise, whether by context, evidence, or something else...normally it's because of context. I remember what one fellow said tonight was, "The Bible says to kill and ravage innocent people", when actually I knew exactly what verses he was referring to, and I knew their exact context as well. It was a vision describing what was to become of this one people when they had turned their backs to God and had gone their own hedonistic, me-centered way, and was not a command to God's people. It was a vision! I'd give the complete context and verses concerning it all, but I don't have them on me. If by the off-chance anybody reading knows where to find such, could ya tell me? I think it was in Isaiah...or one of the prophetic books...mmm....

Evidence supporting God isn't too popular with today's society, is it.... :\

Anyways, afterwards Darrell, Justin, and I went to drop Ju--ah wait, forgot my Mountain Dew at the Price's household the other night. After retrieving my preciousssss 2-liter of Livewire, we went to drop Just--ah man, took a wrong turn.... So, after correcting my path and getting to Justin's place, he--agh, wait, we're discussing anime and video games!! So then many...detours and one half-hour later, the dude finally...got dropped off at his place, and Darrell and I headed back here, chatting about different things, and Darrell saying Justin was a fanboy (meant politely!) but still a pretty cool guy. (Oh yes! And j_stitch! I've added you! Add me back! Dangit! XD! )

Once returned, I introduced Darrell to more internet culture (the Final Fantasy sing-along chocobo song flash video...), then Darrell had to get going short after. Apparently it isn't adviseable with his folks to stay out till after 4 in the morning talking anymore. A bit disappointing, but understandable. At least we did get to hang out tonight, and he actually did say "we should make this a weekly occurrence". It'd be nice to hang out with him more. I still consider Darrell to be one of the life-long friends of whom I'll be able to count on one hand.

Sorry about the length. I made sure to lj-cut it, for those who don't like giant entries taking up their friends page. ^_^; Today has been a day I honestly didn't expecting that it would be--it honestly was a very rare day...pretty unique. So unique, in fact, I sat down and typed all this out so I wouldn't forget any details...and, ah, so you folks can read it as well if you wanted. I can hope that tomorrow will be the same. Darrell said he doesn't have to be at work till 5, so maybe I'll be able to wake up in time to go hang out with him a little bit. Justin said he had "amtgard" at noon, and I was thinking about possibly checking that out, though I dunno if Darrell would be all for seeing that. At 2, I'm going to Shaun Parent's place for two to three hours to once more help him co-host his internet radio show. Then after that...I don't know what will happen. I can only prepare for the worst, but hope for the best, so that way I'll be pleasantly surprised...right?

Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day.

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